The Magical Unicorn

It was a warm summers day and I was getting ready to go out riding on my horses. I went out to saddle them up when I heard twilght trotting of down the road with wings on her back but where was she going.I ran inside to tell my mum that I have a pet unicorn but guess what she did not believe me! But before I start having a party because I’ve got a pet unicorn I need to find twighlt. I have been searching for half an hour and i finally found her. But sadly she is back to a normal horse well at least I’ve experiencd it.

Christmas Day

I woke up one morning when I felt the hot fia burning on my face . At that moment I remembered that It was christmas day .”I woke up and I put on my slippers and  I put on my dressing gown and went down to get my last chocolate.Then I went to look at my stoking . Next to my stoking there was a note saying ”you have been so good this tear that your stoking has over flow.At that minnit i couldn’t help my self any longer  I ran In to my  mum and dad,s room and opened my presents .


Ella’s best day ever

One warm, beautiful evening Ella was bored she was always board because her phone had been taken away from her.So she thought she would just go for a walk.Ella went out the door straight away, she loved walking in the forest because it was dark and she loved the dark.Ella ran all the way down the street and in to the forest.It seemed to be very light in the forest so Ella went straight home.Her mum was waiting for her at the door she new where she had gone. Quickly we are going come on but where were they going.

Jenna’s birthday party!!

One morning Jenna, woke up she took a look on her phone to see what Is going on today and  It was her birthday. Her mum called her downstairs so she rushed downstairs there was a whole bunch of presents. she sat on the chair and called her friends over for her birthday party. They all gave her a present so she put them all on the pile. she oppend them up and said thank you to everybody her  mum got her a pet It was a cute puppy.  her mum took them some were but where were they going?.

Eric is lost at the park

Today I am going to the the park with my friend Josh and his family . When I woke up I went down stairs and saw my friend Josh and his mum,dad and his baby sister Hazel . It took 2 hours to get to the park when we got there I saw it was a zoo I was very excited  we went to see the meerkats first. But while I was looking at them Josh ran of with his family and they forgot about me. I shouted ” where are you going ” But where where they going because they left me and I bring the fun . Then they probable remembered me because they came back and took me home.