My Dream With Matilda

I was falling to sleep in my cosy bed.I fell to sleep and I had the most wonderful dream ever. My dream was with Matilda was about… One day it was a normal school day and we had been learning about some rare plants. I  said to my friend Matilda at break ”lets go and find theses rare plants there all talking about, they’re never been found before.”We crept over the fence and jogged into the woods! ”Lets have a walk around” ,I said . We looked and we looked and and I found them the brown flowers. Matilda we’re lost…


I was starting to drift asleep,it was 10 o’clock at night and dad was asleep . But then the window open then my curtain opened I could see two pair of  feet then I saw a girl beside my red curtains ”I’m here to take you somewhere called the chamber of the good ,we’ve got no time to loose” I understood and got out of bed quickly and followed her out the window as I stepped on the trail of clouds I saw a picture of my mum who was dead and Matilda said ”the chamber of secrets as I got inside.

BFG triathlalon

The BFG was late home from catching dreams he jumped on his bed and went to sleep.He was in the triathlalon and he was in the running bit and he was first by miles he was near the sea he got  in and he was freezing.He swam as fast as a dolphin. He got to the other side and, he was tired he got on a bike.He could hardly fit on the bike he was a bad biker but he was still good he got to the end and they gave him a medal  he woke up and he smiled.

MR fox

Well what are we having dear said MR fox ? A chicken said his wife . A chicken it is said Mr fox and he dug and dug and dug and then he found some more tuneles . Which way is it wailed Mr fox . Just then a mole came up to him are you lost asked the mole yes whiped Mr fox I got lost and now I cant get back . I know the way back said the mole you do cheered Mr fox yes said the mole can I come as well of corse said Mr fox . Im back  THE END

Freya’s Adventure With Matilda!

Once there lived a girl called Freya and a girl called Matilda. They were best friends. One day they got really bord so they decided they would go on a advencher. They walked and walked and finally .They araved there it was a dark gloomy castle.Freya sead” where are we”.Matilda sead “we are at my unckles”.He a dark man i am going to spy on him. Suddenly rip out a knife from his and killed Matilda’s mum.Matilda qickly called the pliose Matilda crid and crid her unckle whent to jale. Matilda whent home and finaly cheard up.Freya was very confused.