A Painful Day In The Life Of A Football

The other day I was minding my own business in my favourite spot in the garden when  a little boy came and kicked me ”hey what was that for” I muttered I went flying through the air and landed in a net “GOAL!!!” the little boy shouted what do you think I am , a football .

Uh oh I am a football the boy called his friends to come and play they were all kicking me ow aaa ouch stop that hurts oww .The more they kicked me the more it heart . It felt like a bullet passing through me every time they kick me .

They even took me in there van to a horrid place called a holiday park, why are you smiling this is horrible “I love going on holiday ” the boy said . Holiday are you joking this is not holiday this is torture . I  had to sit in the van practically the whole five days we were there . On the way back theuy stopped of at a fast food resturant But the boy brought me outside and kicked me to the resturant ow aaa ouch stop that hurts oww when we got home he dropped me in the net and they went to bed but I could not sleep because I think I broke my back from being kicked so much .

2 thoughts on “A Painful Day In The Life Of A Football”

  1. Well done

    Alfie I really liked your story and how you described it
    and puncuated it


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