Panda’s rainy day 2🐼

Imagine you’re flying above the ground at hundreds of miles per hour how would you feel? Scared, worried or even sick well thats Panda felled alright as he was dragged along by a dragon! The rain was like a hurricane up there and the wind was like a tornado there was a bolt of lightning only a about one meter from his head! Panda mutter to him self “Oh deer why can’t stop?” the dragon stoped they had arrived. While this was happing frog got in his car speeded along there was a pile of bones frog save panda and gave him some bamboo.


One thought on “Panda’s rainy day 2🐼”

  1. Hi Daniel,
    I enjoyed reading your story this week.
    Panda was lucky to have a good friend like frog. Friends like Frog are keepers!
    You did a great job in describing Panda’s journey with Dragon.
    Keep up the good work.

    Mrs Boyce
    Team 100WC
    Cork, Ireland.

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