Peaky’s speech

“Hello humans, my name is Peaky. It is so dark up here in space. It is silent. It is also very cold. I can see millions of bright stars and planets. Planet Earth looks very small from all the way up here in space. I have an important job to do. My mission is to say hello to all the people on Earth and to find out if I can visit your planet. I want to make a friend so I can have a sleep over and play at your houses and live with you because I don’t have a home to live at.”

3 thoughts on “Peaky’s speech”

  1. Amelia – you are a master of sentence punctuation! Great work! I felt quite sorry for Peaky when I read this. I could imagine him all alone, floating through space, hoping to find a friend on Earth. Super work!
    Mrs Evans

  2. Hi Amelia,
    You opened your blog with short simple sentences which really helped the me sense the stillness and perspective looking back on our planet from space. Your piece was thought provoking because it made me think how people would receive a stranger from space; with a friendly welcome or suspicion? I really hope the visitor finds friends, fun and a safe place to live.

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