Peaky’s Trip To Space

“Urgent ,I repeat this is urgent,”said Peaky ,”Do not vote for Donald Trump ,”he said.I will even give you lots and lots of reasons not to.

  1. He is racist

2.He is rude.

And that is exactly why you should not vote for Donald Trump to be president of USA .Anyway that is the boring part ,this is the good part because I am having the best time in space and I think that 5LM should win the competition because this writer is from their class and he is good  and I just cant have any more fun with the planets.

One thought on “Peaky’s Trip To Space”

  1. Hi Freddie,
    Great message from Peaky. Unfortunately, he didn’t get his wish. Don’t worry, the kind people in the USA will prevail!
    Good luck in the competition!
    With kindness and love,
    Mrs. Wlazlo in NY

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