The perfect photo gone wrong.

Click! flashed the camera, I look at the picture I had just taken, oh no everything was fuzzy. Everyone looked like a ghost.Then the lights started flashing on and of in the buildings around me. I got scared , but I was only 8. Oh  yeah I’m Sophie I am now 10. I’m going to tell you about my story of a trip to London. We were sight seeing in London so I was taking pictures and thats when the camera clicked and I took the  fuzzy photo .Even though the photo is a bit scary I will never forget that special photo

2 thoughts on “The perfect photo gone wrong.”

  1. Amy I loved that comment it was quiet scary. I want to know how scary was it when all this started happening? How special was the photo?

  2. Hi Amy I liked how you described the photo I also liked how you said the word fuzzy it sounded very cool and funny. Thank you for this story I loved it.

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