pink billy goat

Once there was a farmer called Terry Barnns he has all the farm animals you can find every owl every cow, sheep and lots more he has 300 acres of land full of pink dafadiles  sprincels. You have to walk over on a bridge so you have to water the plants on the bridge who ever walks on the plants will get tazerd. Terry’s favorite  animal is called pink billy goat the reson why he is pink is because Terry has a huge can of pink spray paint and Terry’s middle name is billy. And he is a goat.


One thought on “pink billy goat”

  1. Terry sounds like quite a character Adam, although I’m not sure whether he’s a farmer or a goat … or perhaps he’s both? I wonder what a field of pink daffodils would look like? How could you describe the scene?
    Well done and keep rising to the Challenge.

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