Play Time

One day I was playing with my best friend Hannah we were playing The Question game. It is very fun you ask a question and who ever didn’t say the question will answer it true fully. I said to Hannah do you love your toys and she shouted at me saying YES because I know she LOVES toys and I do to. When it came to the end of the day I said “Tomorrow it is the weekend” . She didn’t say any thing and I think it was because she didn’t  hear me. I went swimming the next day on Saturday. When I went swimming, the walls had changed white I was so confused but a change is a change, I didn’t mind any way. There were flames every were and I did not like that. After that day, we celebrated my birthday, I was six years old my cake was massive you should have seen it, it was crazy any way it was a massive teddy bear, I loved it.                                            



2 thoughts on “Play Time”

  1. Wow Amelia! You did a good job on using adjectives to help give me a complex picture in my head. You did a very good job on your story! I can’t wait to see what you will write next!

  2. Amelia that was amazing! you could maybe use some more adjectives in your next piece of work.

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