Pot stuck in the grass!

One day there lived a boy called Jack and he loved his precious pot what could be worth 1000 pounds! He loved it so much he could burst. One day he was throwing his pot up and down until he almost smashed it, after that his heart was beating really fast. Jack went the mall with his mom and brought some clothes with the same texture as the pot. After that a portal open up in the pot and sucked him in because I hate logic. He went to a land were every thing was giant and when he teleported he dropped his giant pot and the pot has still got the portal thought it so he jumped into the portal  and came out of the pot and spent an hour trying to get it out.


3 thoughts on “Pot stuck in the grass!”

    1. I have also written a 1000+ word story whats STILL pending! Fingers crossed it will come out soon!

  1. Hi Max. I really liked your story, just wondering why you put jack went the mall. Other than that, I loved your post.

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