Professor madman

One ordinary,boring day Professor madman was working on his latest invention.Madman was small man with anenormous head and a knobbly twisted nose,he had a warty thick neck with gynormous freckles.So anyway,he was working on this invention called’the growth gun’.So basically what the ‘growth gun’does is makes things grow and he is going to be trying it out on a crocodile.He got his gun at the ready,took a step back and “BOOM!”he blasted his gun at the crocodile and instead of growing it turned purple.Although how difficult the recipie was he still gave it another go but this time he added a special ingredient.So come closer and make sure nobody is watching so I can tell you that the secret special ingredient,the ingredient is hair,Professor madmans hair.The reason for this is that his hair had always been like a battery ,nobody knows why it had been in this condition,but he could always charge things with his hair.So he added some of it and gave it another blast and “BOOM!”It worked!The crocodile suddenly started growing and growing and started breaking through the wall!The crocodile got a glimpse of Professor madman and “CHOMP!”The greedy croc had eaten the Professor. “BURP!”The crocododile burped as if to say “That was delicious,”.And that was the the End of Professor madman.