Professor purple Crocodile

One day there was a crocodile and it was a professor and it was purple. He was trying to make a exspreamont. There was a tree outside that was twisted and it gave him a grate idea to make a twisting machine. He tried his best to make it work.When he was done he got a pease of metal and put it in the machine and it was twisted the professor crocodile took the twisted metal out of the machine and it was so hot it made a big rash on his hand and he ran to the tap in his kitchen and put his hand under the tap and he said ah ah ah. Then he went to put on gluves awent to pick up the twisted pease of metal and he looked at the pease of metal and said this pease of metal looked like the twisted tree outside then he went to bed and that’s the end of the story




One thought on “Professor purple Crocodile”

  1. Great effort Romarn. You did a good job of using all of the special words this week. You use some wonderful words in your story. You make a good effort in spelling them. If you are ever unsure about a spelling, you can use a dictionary or google to figure it out. Though you do a great job focusing on writing an interesting story.
    Happy writing!
    Mrs. Vreeland Jersey City, NJ USA

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