Puffshroom and the purple skined Professor

One day in the world of robloxia, a little square robot called Puffshroom went for a walk. (note: this is actully my roblox charcter who i play as.)

“hmm hm hm hm hmmmmm” puff hummed. BOFF!!!!!, “HEY WHATS THE BIG IDEA?!?!?!?!.” “Im sorry.””Im a bit clumbsy today…””oh… well im sorry, whats your name?””My name is professor smith.” he said

“Puffshroom, nice to meet you” i said.

“do you want to come to my lab?” the professor said

“okay” i said.

So we went and you gotta tell me it was big!!!!!!!!

“WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!” i echoed.

“Pretty cool huh?”

yup i thought this is amazing! So i had a look around, water containers with aliens inside, lots of gacets and laser gagets, prototype weapones. “Hey professor how did your skin become purple?” “I dunno it just randomly happened” he said “But its really difficult to make all this gagets” he laughed. “need to go study how dangerous germs are from some ponds, wanna come?” “Heck yeah!” i shouted. But we only went to one pond, its fine though. when we got there he got a jar and scoped up some water, and another, and a another. SUDDENLY A CROCODILE JUMPED FROM THE WATER!!!!!!!!! “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” the professor shouted. “HES GOT ME! HES GOT MEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!” “WATCH OUT PROFESSOR!!!!!” i shouted. The crocodile twisted and turned him. Then suddenly… OFF, he died. I took the samples and his broken up body. I got back to the lab, put the samples on the side, brought flowers, and diged up his grave… Suddenly…HE WAS BACK… “Why did you dig me up, you know if you die you respawn””wops i fogot””well can at least give this to my wife””BYYYYYYEEEE.” Well that was fun i better get going now to get my daily robux and tix imma gonna get rich in no time. Well look at the time! i gotta get going now! bbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyeeeeeee!!!!!