Queen Ant

Ever since I was little, I always have been fascinated by ants. Yes ants, you heard me right! They are interesting, tiny insects. I have an ant kit, called AntWorld, it is by Nick Baker. I ordered a queen off of AntKit.UK. She was free but the postage was £5.95! After school on Wednesday, I asked my Mum: “When did it arrive?” I asked. “She came today, in a test tub!” Explained my Mum. I got so excited, so as soon as I got home I grabbed the tube. My mum said “You have to clean your room before you touch them!”…

Author: Chloe

Wolves, they are my family. I look up to them. I howl to the moon, like most of my friends do. If you try to hurt me, you will pay...

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