Rainbow Easter

Today was easter and i was really excited to go on a easter egg hunt. So i went into the garden with a basket but there was nothing there. I thought what had happened. But suddenly a big  rainbow appeared and it wasn’t even raining and also it wasn’t far from here so i went to go check whats happening. after 1 minute i found the end of the rainbow i found a few easter eggs: One red, One orange, One yellow, One green, One blue, One dark blue, and one purple. I couldn’t believe my luck so i took the red egg but then red on the rainbow was gone, i placed the egg back and red shot out of the egg. I took each egg one by one and before I knew a rainbow is coming out of the basket and brought it home and every time the rainbow hit something it would be like a cloud and disappear and reappear. I dumbed the eggs altogether. The next day i went out into the garden to see the eggs but they were gone, I didn’t know what happened to them. Suddenly a rainbow chicken came out of the chicken came out of the house then another, then another, then another, then another, then another and then another. I dont know what happened, the chickens ate the eggs or the chickens sat on the eggs, its a big mystery.