The Red Clock goes Tick! Tock!, or does it…

The red clock goes Tick! Tock!                                                                                                 Tick! Tock! Tick! Tock!

The red clock goes Tick! Tock!                                                                                                Before the snake got cycled.

I made that song up, it great isn’t it – well I won’t brag to much, it’s kind of random and weird, so I won’t brag anymore – yes I won’t – yes I won’t,  yes I won’t brag. Or will I… no of course I won’t brag! Ha Ha! Did you actually fall for that! Ha Ha!

Well I guess I’ll be going after all those tricks Ha Ha! wait don’t go I like tablet time So Geometry Dash would be good! Thanks! Bye Bye!

5 thoughts on “The Red Clock goes Tick! Tock!, or does it…”

  1. Adam,
    I thought that the idea of your story was very interesting. I liked how you also used a little repetition in there as well. Great Job!

  2. Hi Adam,
    Your blogs are always so creative and fun to read. It is not easy to make a song but yet, you did. I like how you “tricked” the reader. Anyway, great Job.

  3. Good morning Adam, what an unusual way to begin your story. It certainly made me pay attention to see what was going to come next.
    I wonder what tune your song would be sung to? You used the words quite effectively though I was curious what a snake who was cycled looks like.
    It was quite a tricky story – I wasn’t sure if you were staying or going and what was going to happen next. I do hope tablet time was fun. One suggestion for the next story you write is to check your punctuation to help your reader know when to pause because an idea is finished.
    Thanks so much for sharing – you made me start my day with a smile.

  4. Hi Adam, I like how you made your story into a unique form! Our class from Illinois also did the same prompt. I also made mine about a snake that got hurt. But mine had a bloody tooth. To improve, you could make a better ending not just bye-bye! But something like back to making tricks! Keep writing to help you improve! From, Brianna in Illinois! Go check me out at

  5. Thanks for all these supportive comments!
    It makes me feel really good to hear people enjoying reading MY writing!!
    Thank you so much for taking your time to comment, it just makes me happy!!

    Kind Regards,
    Adam, >_< (:

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