(the rising dead of ghosts)

One, day there was a boy and a girl the boy was called Tobias and Nicola we were at home At . 3:00 Am and we asked our mum if we could go shopping in town our mum, said all wright but you can only go out for 1hour and a half ok said me and Nicola we went to the sweet shop and bough marsh mellows and skittles 1 hour past midd night our mum was worried about us she had to call the police the police cars roared passed the ally way that we hiding in people walked by the cold dark ally way the people looked like ghosts to be continud

3 thoughts on “(the rising dead of ghosts)”

  1. I like how you at dialogue mixed in your story and I also like how you said to be continued to make sure you didn’t have over 100 words. I also liked how you had lots of detail.

  2. Hi Tobias! I liked how you included what sweets Nicola and you bought. I also liked how you left the story on a cliffhanger writing, “to be continued”. Overall, I really liked your story!

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