The Scariest Day Of My Life! (2)

So we listened to my mum and packed a picnic with all of the stuff that we like. After we finished I added another chocolate bar. Before we left we heard my Auntie snoring loudly. When we got to the jungle we left the picnic in the car and decided to explore first.  We went far down and saw tigers. After we had seen enough tigers we got hungry and walked up to the car. Half way up the steps to the car there was a tiger blocking are way! After a few shoves the tiger finally moved out of our way and we got to the car.

3 thoughts on “The Scariest Day Of My Life! (2)”

  1. Natalie,

    Outstanding post this week. I really liked your vivid vocabulary when you ware explaining the cenerio you were in.

  2. What a great continuation of your previous story! Fantastic job describing in detal the events in the story. I wanted to continue reading just after the first few sentences. Keep blogging!

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