Once upon a time there was a boy called bob.  One day bob was walking to school when he saw a red snake in the long grass he stole a bike and cycled to school(savage).  When he got to school he looked at the clock to see what the time was it was 8:00,before the bell rang he ran to his class and got ready.  When bob got back home he saw the snake in his garden but somehow it was massive now.He got a bit of toilet paper and threw it at him.  He went to bed without dinner.  He woke up with the snake throwing toilet paper at him. he screamed to death.  He called his mum and it was just in his dream.

2 thoughts on “THE SCARY LONG RED SNAKE!!!!!!!!”

  1. Aiden,
    I liked where you took the prompt for this week. I can tell that you really thought about how you were going to interpret the words from the prompt. Good Job!

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