A School Trip To The Lake

One day a class called 5LM/BR went to the Great River Ouse. The names of 10 of them were:Hannah, Amelia, Chloe, Poppy, Nia, Aiden, Adam, Lennon, Sam and Mathew. They had 2 teachers and their names were Mr Murphy and Mrs Radwell. They were getting a new teacher called Mr Chapman. Any way when they left to go Poppy said “I need to go and get my boots”.Mrs Radwell said “yes”. So Poppy went and got her boots from her locker.When she came back someone was sitting in her seat then Poppy said “I was sitting there”.Then Hannah said “do you want to go sit with Amelia”.”Ok” Poppy said happily.then they finally left. While the couch driver was driving they sang a song called Hale To The Bus
Driver. When they finaly got there the Great River Ouse was frosted over with ice. When they got out the couch the teacher said lets go ice skating on the river. So they all went ice skating on the river. Then suddenly somebody fell in.

2 thoughts on “A School Trip To The Lake”

  1. Oh no! I feel bad for that person who fell into the ice! I liked how you included a lot of components in your story. Was this a real event? If it was, it must have been a very interesting experience!

  2. Hi Amelia! My name is Kaylee. I loved your blog. You are very tallented! I would love to read some more of your blogs. maybe next time you could describe what happened some more. Keep up the awsome work!

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