Secret safe

I bought him the year I was born. I cuddle him every night . He hears all my secrets and worries . He comes to every sleepover and shall never miss out. He is a bit tatty I will be honest I still love him though. I am sorry if I ever throw him of the bed. I used to dress him up in my old clothes well I still do.Though he did look like a girl. Ha Ha .He is so cute in my eyes . He will never tell a secret to any of you . After all he is my favourite!

4 thoughts on “Secret safe”

  1. Hi, Millie!

    I really loved how you describes your item it was really great! Another thing i could say about your piece is how you wrote it you used descriptive words. Something you can work on is use Quotation marks like when you said “Ha Ha” Maybe add you could put some Quotation marks around it. Something i can relate to your paragraph is i also have an item that is exactly like that. It is My Teddy Bear i have had sense i was born. The last thing i have to say is i’m guessing your item is your Teddy bear/something you sleep with,And is part of your childhood.

    Happy Writing,
    Mark In Illinois

  2. Wow Millie this was great! Even though you didn’t say what you were referring to, reading this made me think of my own teddy bear sitting on my bedside table! I am guessing your item is either a bear or similar cuddly toy, the way that you described your item. It made me laugh a lot when you spoke about dressing him up in your clothes (I did this too- I still would if my clothes were small enough!)

    Well done!

    Steph (Team 100)
    Southampton UK

  3. Hi Millie! I really liked your post. I like how you provided vivid details to describe the item. I also like how you included when you got the item. Is your item a dog or a cat.

  4. Millie,
    I really liked your post. I liked how you used very vivid language. Is you item a dog?

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