Series 2 “The time the Tiger charged”!!

To be continued ….”Okay I may have been writing a series two “Amy wrote. This is series two of the time the tiger charged.Remember us from series one me and Matthew. ¬†After me and Matthew tried to run it was too late because the tiger grabbed my hood and slowly pulled me backwards towards him. I thought it was really scary but I wriggled out and tried to run again. Oh and if I never said we are in the local zoo in Spain.Until the tiger was blocking our escape we didn’t know were to go unless we climb over the gate. If we climbed over the gate there were spiky tips so we slid under the fence. Until……….this happened…. Read the next series for more !!!


One thought on “Series 2 “The time the Tiger charged”!!”

  1. Good work! I like that you described where Amy and Matthew are in the world. Good work fitting in the theme that we got. Do not forget to insert a space after a period. Keep up the good work for next week!

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