Shop Shopping

Shopping I hate shopping. I went shopping to the worlds most biggest shop ever It was so cool. We always went before a birthday. This time it was my mums b-day I loved going shopping this once only because they red slush puppies  so of course like any child would I asked for one. It was a bit weird my mum said “yes” but of  course I was not going to say no so I got. Then my mum all of a sudden my mum  decided  that we needed a clock so we went to the clock part of the shop. Then,  I I didn’t meant to but I spilt my drink over the clock. Then this man came with a snake and cycled into me I was weird.


2 thoughts on “Shop Shopping”

  1. Hi Poppy,
    I really liked to concept of your story. I wrought a story just like yours. It was my birthday a few weeks ago. Next time you should reread your story to make sure it made scene. Do you do NTSSWTSW ( no two sentences start with the same word).

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