Silly Bird!

Once upon a time there was a goldfish called Stuart,Stuart was a very trained goldfish.  He even taught this bird called Leonardo DiCaprio.  He was a very dumb bird , he couldn’t fly.When he flew he almost hit his mum and dads car.  He ran into his cage and somehow locked it.  And then Stuart shouted”you did it” I knew you could do it.  Then Leonardo DiCaprio said ”WHAT DID I DO?”you did the trick you have been trying to do for your whole life.  The lock the cage in a brown flash.  Then they saw there owner getting a ladder and Leonardo DiCaprio squawked.

                                       The End

4 thoughts on “Silly Bird!”

  1. Good story Aiden, I liked how you said what there saying.
    Next time when someone is speaking go to the next line

    From Nicola m

  2. Hi Aiden, I really enjoyed how your piece is very funny, for example I liked how you said “You did the trick you have been trying to do for your whole life.” It really made me laugh. Did you know that “”, you have to put comma like “test,”. I have a connection to tyour piece, I didn’t do this week but a different post of my, was funny too. One thing that you should improve is capitilze Y after you said what did I do, also you forgot to add slowly because it was one of the 100WC words. Overall, your piece is great!

    From Timur in Illinois, check out my blog:

  3. Hi Aiden!

    I really liked your story this week. You always use the same start to the story, and I like the similarity they have to do with it, I also liked how the bird didn’t know he had peformed the trick, It adds a good end to the story, also REALLY creative names! Good work!

    Adam B

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