the silly dog that wheres glasses

On day sam and Tim were heading to by a new dog and they saw a dog who was wearing glasses sam said is that dog wearing glasses and the dog was wearing  glasses he said to the person who owned the shop and asked the lady in the shop can i buy the dog whos wearing glasses please that will be £14:00 said the lady at the counter thank you said the boys by said the lady at the counter at home the boys played with the dog with glasses the dog barked and played with the boys the next night they were all asleep .                                                      THE END

One thought on “the silly dog that wheres glasses”

  1. Hi Tobias! I like how you used the prompt and how you gave details that let me imagine the cash register saying £14:00 instead of saying that he bought it. What would you have named the dog if you could’ve used over 100 words? Overall, I really liked your post!

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