Smart Barker

There was once a dog named Sausage (named after the food he likes best). Sausage was a small thin dog and was white with black spots. He looked big but really it was just fur. His owner was Professor Jenkins (from the last story, Professor Jenkins), he made toys for his dog, when ever he wanted. He wore glasses, smart navy blue trousers, a stripy blue and grey shirt and a dark red tie. His glasses were magic, they made him as smart as he was.

One sunny day, Sausage and his owner were out on a walk in a park nearby. When suddenly the sun went in a started to rain very hard. They started to run back. Unexpectedly, a strong wind blew his owner’s glasses off and Sausage went to pick them up. He picked them up and the dog was wearing glasses. Then suddenly, he started talking. The glasses had made him smart!


To be continued.

3 thoughts on “Smart Barker”

  1. Wow James that sounds like some really interesting glasses. They really made that dog talk. A talking dog I can not even imagine it. This story is really interesting and that ‘to be continued’part really made that story amazing?Well done

  2. Hi James, what a fantastic 100 word challenge you have written! Those sound like some pretty special glasses. You have created a great piece of writing which makes the reader want to keep reading to find out what is going to happen next. Keep up the great work! (Team 100, Wellington NZ)

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