Once upon a time, there was a snake. The snake was a red snake. He was also very smart. To read a clock was one of the things he could do.

One day, the snake was out walking in the street when some people cycled past him. They were wearing black and white with a black face-mask holding sacks of money! Before he could react, the snake jumped into a nearby phone box to call the Police (that was another one of the things he could do).

He ran out of the phone box and at the robbers. The snake caught up on them and bit them. They fell instantly to the ground.


3 thoughts on “Snake”

  1. Hi James!
    That’s one really talented snake! I can’t imagine seeing a snake that could ever do that. I wonder if someone trained him. I think your story was VERY creative, and I would have never thought to do a story on pretty much only the snake. I think your story was really good, and I am going to try and nominate it for the showcase.

    -Maya E.

  2. Hi James,
    I think that snake is talented. Also you had good punctuation. Also Capitalization.
    But didn’t get your story. Also how does a snake fight.
    From Liam in Illinois.

  3. Dear James,

    I like how well you said what the snake could do in the story. I also liked how well you described the robbers. I would suggest double checking your work when you’re done, which could improve upon a lot of things. Overall, your story was great!

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