snow blizzard poetry

one day in part of England there was a blizzard so big and strong the wind blew so wildly big balls of snow blew of the roof when will the blizzard stop we don’t know on the snow went leaving no peace of the ground to be in sight only the snow could be seen we inside of the school wanting to go out to play staying is side for break times isn’t so fun  so much for playing out side a hole white play ground still no ground to be seen everbody waiting to be free little ones.

                                                                THE END

6 thoughts on “snow blizzard poetry”

  1. Great job on your post. I really liked your post for this week because it really interested me and I enjoyed reading it. Overall your post was a really good post that I liked.

    1. Thanks for the advice I will take your word thank for the coment and also keep up the good work from Tobias

  2. Dear Tobias,

    I like how well you described the snow’s adventures in the story. I also liked how you used vivid details like “blew so wildly big balls of snow”. I would suggest adding more capitalization and punctuation. Overall, your story was great!

  3. Hi Tobias,
    Whew…Your writing is a blizzard!!! Can you add punctuation marks so the reader knows when to pause or stop at the end of a sentence? Love the idea!
    Mrs. K (Team 100)

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