My start in year 5

as i join the first year of upper school i realise how  good that i need to be now because otherwise i might not get the job i want when i am older my teacher told me to come to her and said i have been very good so far  and i thought what a start and then i saw my other awesome teacher and he is very nice and very smart also i have a lot of friends i really like my new class .I was amazed about how good year five is i love my new class aswell.

3 thoughts on “My start in year 5”

  1. Hi my name is Reagan,I really like how you were describing your time in school but I have 2 suggestions.My first one is to add periods and my other one is to add capitals but otherwise I love your story!

  2. my name is taneeka,
    I realy like how you were describing you time at your new school
    wish, next time use capitals

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