One day in front of a ancient times centre there was three statues with little square arms and weird little shapes for a head. There are glowing sparkles in the centre and some say when its 1:00AM  the sparkles come out of the building, onto the statues and they come to life. You dont think thats true do you? Well of course thats true! Theres been sightings of 2 statues missing, some one caught a statue in their front yard and it took months for it to dissapear, i know right? And if you see one out of its usal space please, dont harm them, just tap on with a hammer and within 24 hours while no one is looking it will go back to its usal space and cant absorb the sparkles until 48 hours

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  1. Hi Max! I read your post and I really liked your story! You did an amazing job on explaining what was going on with the statues too. Keep up the good work!

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