stay inside kids

one sunny afternoon I was playing my favourite video game when my mum burst through the door “have you seen the time ” she shouted. “what is the time” I asked  look there is a clock there. oh its nearly five o’clock.Why don’t you ride on your new red bike before dinner ,fine I murmured . so I went out on my bike. But I wanted to go somewhere that I have not been before so I decided to go to the woods I was just entering the woods when I saw a snake AAAAAAAAAAAAA I screamed as it  pounced at me.I cycled as fast as I could  all the way home.

One thought on “stay inside kids”

  1. Good work! I like the way you used all of the words. Good work on using dialogue in your story. Do not forget that sentence begins with a capital letter. Also, remember to insert a space after a period. Keep up the good work!

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