Stickman, Oh Stickman

One fine day, Billy was taking his little sister Lila out to the park. In the morning, they got dressed excitedly and hurridly wanting to get to the park early. So when they had finished getting themselves ready upstairs, they shot straight down the stairs. They then opened the door and when they got out they slammed the door behind them. They ran into the car and waited. When they finally got there, Billy took Lila to the pond to feed the ducks. They had too walk through the woods to get there. So when they got to the woods they tip-toed in. Right in front of them they saw they saw things dancing and those things were………….

2 thoughts on “Stickman, Oh Stickman”

  1. Good job! I liked how you ended the story with a cliffhanger and how you used the prompt. I thought your story was very interesting with the use of the prompt. Anyways, good job.

  2. Francesca it was a great story I liked the way you described how they got dressed well done Francesca keep up the good work!

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