The story of how we robbed a bank.

We took about a week to plan this robbery but we still weren’t sure about the escape through the Zoo. So we tried it on Friday we dressed up in the car with are bandit masks on and are guns in are pocket. We ran into the bank with the guns in are hands and opened the security safe we took nine hundred thousand pounds and 8,six carrot gold rings. They had been stuffed in to our black bags and then we ran through the zoo but the Tiger was blocking are escape so we had to think of another way. A few seconds after we had to go through the monkey enclosure but it was risk as the monkeys could take our money and rings.We had to do it and then the police  would not notice. After we went through there we got are friend Alfie who is an uber driver to take us home.

One thought on “The story of how we robbed a bank.”

  1. Nice work, Matthew! I like how you wrote a very creative story. I like how you used transitioning words. Wow, 9,000 lbs of money, and 8, 6 karat gold rings! That’s a lot!

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