strange times dddddddd

It was nite time people were walking in the big city of Bob and all the citizens of Bob were taking a walk in the city centre then they started to fade and then all of the people stated to disappear  and then they came back  as a horrerfing  gost redy to kill enyone ho derd to kum nere them and then they notist me I ran for my life and I just out ran them but they were just bhind me so I hid in a shed and then at of the blouw a gost came and all of a suden he killed me and I will get you

3 thoughts on “strange times dddddddd”

  1. Hey, William! Great work building suspense in this creative story. I particulary liked how you included imagery–how the people in the city disappeared and ghosts faded in. Keep up the great ideas!

  2. Hi Will. I really liked your blog. I liked how you used Bob as the city name. Try double check your spelling in the future.

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