Stuck In The Grass!

One day a mother called Jenny went out to hang up her washing. It was a lovely warm day. Jenny put the washing basket down and took all of the clothes out of it. The next thing that Jenny did was turned around to pick up the washing basket. To her surprise it was stuck in the grass! Jenny pulled and pulled but she still couldn’t get the basket out. Eventually she called her husband Phil out and they both managed to get the basket out. Do you know what happened to the basket that got stuck in the grass?

3 thoughts on “Stuck In The Grass!”

  1. Hi, Natalie! Your story was very detailed, especially because you included many descriptive words such as “lovely” and “warm.” Am I right in saying that the basket that got stuck in the grass turned into the giant teacup in the prompt’s picture?

  2. Hi,Natalie i really like how you explain everything thats happening in the store keep up the good well done

  3. Natalie,

    I really liked your story and how descriptive you were. I also really liked how you explained why Phil needed to come.

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