stuck in the mud

One day i asked my mum if i can go to school next week and mum said “um yes” so after that i went to my bed room telling my friends that i m coming to school on Monday. A week later one Monday i went to school and all my friends were there and we done english maths and a stater of science and then it was play time and me and my friends went the gate to play it and then half of year five came to play. so me and my friend LennonĀ  wen into the woods and there was a swamp and i fell iĀ  upside down and Lennon pulled me out


The End


3 thoughts on “stuck in the mud”

  1. Hi Sam! I like how you included a lot of events in your paragraph. That made your story much more exciting and eventful!

  2. Hi Sam! This is Megan, I am from Stillwater NY! I really liked how you had a happy ending in your story and maybe put some talking in your story!

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