Summer holidays

Today is the beggining of the summer holidays.Me and my family are going to drive over a huge bridge to the airport.We are flying to Spain.I brought my bright pink suitcase with me and all of the things I will need.I brought a shiny daffodil at the airport to remember when I went to Spain I go to Spain every year.As soon as we got to the apartment we all went in the swimming pool.I have a sister called Ellouise and i’m Amelia.While I was sat down drying of Ellouise came and sprinkled me with water!.(True story appart from the daffodil,bridge and we didnt go at the beggining of the summer holidays).

2 thoughts on “Summer holidays”

  1. Hi Amelia, I think we would all love to be in our summer holidays! Anyway, great job!

  2. Hi Lennon I really thought your story was veeeerrrrrrryyyyy imaginitive so keep up the good work!

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