Super fish

One day I had a gold fish called Bob he wasn’t justĀ  an odnairy fish he was a super fish. The reason he’s a super fish is because he coaught a thief robbing a bank and he also maneged to stop someone from falling of a ladder. One day Bob was acting really strangely and I thourght he was poorly and he was me and my friend took Bob to the vet and he was really poorly. So the vet said let him get a bit of a rest.



4 thoughts on “Super fish”

  1. Great story Alfie. Bob is a super name for a goldfish!
    It does seem that the poor fish did need a rest. It’s true that not all heroes wear capes!!
    Ms Brennock
    Team 100 wc

  2. Hi Alfie. I thought that your story was pretty amazing. That super fish is pretty brave and daring, but as always, they need to rest. Great job!

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