One day, I went swimming with my sister Sienna, my brother Ben and my mum.When we got in the pool my brother said,” do you want to go on the water slide”. We both said “yes”.
So me Ben and Sienna went on the water slide in a chain and it was really fun and Sienna was at the back of the chain and Ben was at the front of the chain so I was in the
middle. Then we all jumped in as far as posible.

2 thoughts on “Swimming”

  1. Hi Amelia! Good Job! Your story was very interesting and fun! I would just recimmend that you might want to capitalize the first letter of the word that is in the quotation marks. But other than that, you did amazing!

  2. Hello! This is a fun story with good sequential steps – easy to follow.
    I’m looking for the prompt “…it came down the drainpipe…”, but I don’t see it. I wonder how you could include that? Thanks for sharing your writing!

    Mrs. Peterson
    Team 100wc
    Texas, USA

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