“Dad, can I have this, please!”Asked Sally. “No!”Shouted Dad. “But please, it’s Limited Edition!”Whined Sally. He bought it for her… “Dad, can I get a kitten?” Moaned Sally! “Sweetie, you already have two kittens, three dogs, one hamster and seventy-two fish, you can’t have another cat!” Huffed Dad. “But why… (sniff sniff)?” Whimpered Sally! He got her one! After another fifty-one requests he said he had enough! “Sally, I’m running out of money, I’m not buying anything else!” Shouted Dad!

He had ‘SYMPATHY’ for her, he realised it was wrong. So he always refused after this! If you beg, you won’t get what you want!

One thought on “Sympathy”

  1. Hi Chloe! Great job! I think that this story shows that you can’t always get everything you want all the time. The message of this is clear. You did a great job! You didn’t have any errors, so I would just recommend to keep on writing!

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