Night ZooKeeper Invasion Of The Fiery Phoenix

The Phoenix is a majestic creature with fire-like features. It has wings like most birds and a long beak which is used for devouring prey and catching fish. Her name is FlameThrower, also known as Flame. She is ruler of the Sun, she created sunlight, she created fire, she created the world! Okay, okay, I know what you are thinking… “You’re exaggerating, why are you such a…” Hold on there, this is a kids book! Anyways back to the real story.

The Phoenix has been a pain lately, she keeps escaping out of the cage! It is so annoying! “How many times do I have to tell you Flame, stay in your ca!” “SQUAWK!”. The Phoenix flew around the Night Zookeeper’s head like a mad cat that was being chased by a scrawny dog! Anyways, The Phoenix finally went back in her cage. It did take a lot of time and… Sacrifice. But it was worth it, I guess.

The Phoenix is quite nice I feel, when you get to know her. Anyways, she has magical powers, not like superman, but she has telekinesis and mind reading!


The Pink Daffodil

Hi guys I know this is strange but I LOVE daffodils with there huge petals, that are pink.One day I went to this shop called ” Daff o dil” me and my family well mum and dad all bought 1 flower.

When I was there I saw a sprinkled bridge with daffodils everywhere, I screamed in happiness and started to cry real tears, I saw one of them just about to fall so I ran with all my heart and I caught it.

My mum said “have you found one you want darling” I said yes, and walked to the till, we got home and I looked at this one it had a nice pink petals. And that was when I loved daffodils.

Pink Fluffy Unicorns

In a magical kingdom far far away on a rainbow  where only the happiest  unicorns walk on there  was a, PINK,FLUFFY,UNICORN dancing on RAINBOWS.Not many unicorns walk on rainbows because most of them are grumpy for example Darky the unicorn was always grumpy and never said hello.But he lived on a bridge and there was a swamp underneath it, on the sides of the bridge daffodils had been sprinkled all over the place. But the lord of the kingdom was very sick and had been sick for days but a few moments later the pink fluffy unicorn had brought him some medicine so after a few days he was much better.

 The Chef Giraffe

I was really excited as I got dressed,my family were going to the zoo to see the animals. On the way I read a magazine about Giraffe’s it said people could feed them food and it was today. When we got there there was a sign that said this way for feeding time with  a picture of a Giraffe on it so we walked up to them and  got in the line. It was a long wait but we finally got to feed them the one that I didn’t eat the food instead it picked me up it took me to their shelter.Where there was a chef giraffe who cooked them spaghetti and meatballs hotdogs burgers chips sandwiches I was just amazed then he gave me a burger and fries I ate the fries and half of the burger . suddenly I woke up and realised it was all a dream then I rolled over and saw a half eaten burger next to me was it a dream?

The Pink Daffodil on the Huge bridge.

Once upon a time, in the centre of London , on the very famous tower bridge ,there stood a small daffodil. This daffodil was very different as it was pink

One day a girl was travelling across the bridge and she noticed this strange pink artical  ” this day is magical,” said the little girl as she walked across the bridge. Suddenly she felt a sprinkle of rain but it was still sunny .  She sore a rainbow ” and it just got more magic;” . she started singing the rainbow: red orange yellow green blue purple pink

pink billy goat

Once there was a farmer called Terry Barnns he has all the farm animals you can find every owl every cow, sheep and lots more he has 300 acres of land full of pink dafadiles  sprincels. You have to walk over on a bridge so you have to water the plants on the bridge who ever walks on the plants will get tazerd. Terry’s favorite  animal is called pink billy goat the reson why he is pink is because Terry has a huge can of pink spray paint and Terry’s middle name is billy. And he is a goat.