The Bone Ball

Bang!!! I heard as I relaxed in the bath I quickly jumped out and grabbed a towel.I then raced down the stairs to find a humungous bone ball that had fallen through the ceiling.It landed on a table and it was now rolling to the side  of the building it broke through the wall and landed on the floor outside I was really worried. In the end I called the police they turned up and soon it was the top headline on the news and I got payed a lot of money to fix my house so it was a happy ending.


BANG BANG BANG mum heard from upstairs. “Owen do be quiet ,”  shouted mum from down stairs. BANG BANG BANG  .Owen was 8 years old , had green eyes and Dirty blond hair. He had got grounded on Monday for hitting his baby sister now it was Tuesday and Owen did not like it at all. He had been banging all night and mum was fed up with it “fine come down stairs and play with your baby sister for a bit in the garden,” Mum soon heard the  foot steps coming down stairs. Owen was angry. He got a bone rubber ball, which was grey, and stared playing with it .

The Air Ambulance.

Hi my name is Fin and I  love  paramedics I want  to be one when i”m older  now i’ll tell you a thing or two of the air ambulance ok so the air ambulance is a team of three or two in a helecopter now when I say two or three sometimes the pilot is a paramedic but at other times the pilot only helps carry the streacher also air paramedics are a bit more advanced than ground paramedics  so being better trained lets you do more things than less advanced lets you do less cool stuff thats it from me byyyyyeyeyyeyyeye!!!!!! 

bundle ‘o’ bones

In a very fancy building there is a’lot  of rooms plus secret rooms scattered  around the place. If you find a secret room you might get a suprise of a punishment, example: suprises will be like getting toys or game discs, punishments will be like getting cold water dumped on our head or finding a fake 100 dollar note. But theres a super secret room, if you find it and walk though it then you’ll be standing on glass and if you look down you can see the local walking on the side walk. Thats because you are so high up from the ground. If you walk though the other door then you will see a big ball made out of bones

The bones that came out of space

One day there lived a boy called Jake. Jake lived in a house with his grand parent’s because his mum died by cancer and his dad died before he was born it was very sad but he had a picture of them.One night Jake woke up because he heard a big bang and saw at his window bones. He was wondering how could bones come out of space that’s impossible he looked at the time it was 4 o’clock in the morning he went down stair’s trying not to wake his grand parent’s up and when he got outside it turned into a monster and ate him. THE END

My New Home!

Grrr, I hate this place… too many people, too crowded and too squished! Oh wait, you don’t know what all this is about, do you? Well ok, one day I was just being myself in my natural habitat when this group of men came and put me into this huge glass container! It was terrible! Anyway they brought me to a big, ugly place and they called me an amazing blob of junk! I mean… how RUDE? Apparently, I’ll have to get used to my ‘New Home’ and that people will come from all over the world to see me!

London Museum’s Last Bad Experience

July, Friday 14th, 1994     July, Friday 13th, 1994

 A *SMASH* came from the Staff Meeting room of the London Museum. All of the members of staff rushed through the museum to the meeting room. It was almost like a large stampede of horses, speeding through the dry lands! One particular woman named Caroline was very brave, and offered to risk her life, and peek in first… Suddenly out of nowhere, a large thump came from behind all of workers and families… Out of the shadows crept a dark figure, the figure was tall and plump. A small object fell out the creature’s hand, it vanished. They placed the bone-like object in a small, airtight case, because it was said to cursed. Every time a family walks past it, they always get a freaky chill down their spines, and they get a bad vibe. No one knows why this bone object is cursed, but some paranormal experts believe the soul of that tall figure is trapped in that object…

By æΞ†ëϖψς∴⊗∂

The Odd Object

Mum said she had ordered a parcel for me, “you’ll love it!” she said, I wasn’t quite sure though, whenever she wanted to order a present for me, she would let me choose, it was mysterious, very mysterious, until the parcel actually ARRIVED. I was up in my room, when mum called up to me, “your parcel has arrived!” I rushed down the stairs, to find a MASSIVE box, it was nearly larger than ME. Honestly, I was AMAZED… until I opened it, because then I was HORRIFIED… it was a-a p-pile of b-b-bones!! The next thing I knew, I was up in my bed, no bones at all…

To be Continued...


There was a war with the bonds and the dons the dons were loads of bones scrunched up in one ball and they ran over people.The dons were big metal humans there fort for years the bonds were the losers and they got extinct.1234567890123456654756777655654564322234566545445 years later there was a boy called Tim he went to a museum and found this strange object.He said to the staff WHAT IS THIS they said I do not no . Was the bones Tim did not no this at this time.Tim touched it and it woke up it started to roll after Tim.time had changed!!!!!!!!

Funny Bones(week 39)

In a museum, in the middle of the night, a pile of bones had a very big hight. The stack was massive its probably a dinosaur or maybe a big rhinosaur. I also wonder what part of a animal is it or who’s body was it. Also I wonder how many bones does the pile have. One of the bones was out of the glass box, the label said you can touch if you dare too,I was brave enough so I touched and  felt very hard and rough/soft, but after a few seconds I heard a scream because I turned into a black and white panda…


The museum was dark and cold as you walked around the small room. The cases where covered from top to bottom in dust but only one of them was clear and had something in it. I slowly started walking towards it the lights came on around the case and I saw what was inside. A pile of bones a pile as tall as a giraffe. Who’s bones were they? maybe it was bones from a dinosaur or a elephant know one knew. I tried to read the label on the side of the case but it had all been rubbed of when the museum shut down. I decided to go home and find out what they must be.

Bone Ball

This is the best day of my life. I’m at the Isle Of Wight with my family. Today is my birthday and we are in the woods exploring. Well when I say exploring, I’m actually eating my ham sandwich whilst writing this. We have already explored most of the woods, but we have about a quarter left to explore. I love ham sandwiches!!                                                                                                                                        *********************************************************    Now we have all finished our lunch time to go and explore the rest of the woods. OMG!! We have walked down a steep hill and I found a weird looking ball at the bottom. I called it JJ’s Bone Ball. What? The ball is made of bones!

The 1000 year old Brain

I went to this Musuem and it has lots of interesting things in there which are real! When I saw this big brain inside…IT WAS AMAZING!!!! The brain said it is 1000 years old and the brain was the old mans brain. It looked kind of weird when you look at the 1000 year old brain. It looked all musty and looked kind of pinky and it all sorts of bones in the brain! I haven’t seen a brain inside a Musuem before, it seems like my first time seeing a real brain in the Musuem.

Todays the day

Ok, lets take this from the top , today is the day that we start decorating my room, it might not seem like much to you, but I can ashore you it is to me as not only am I going to have a whole new room, but my dad bought me an amazing model togo in my room.

A day later

I have painted my room now(white) and everything is done all I need to do is put some models as decor. So I put 3 spiderplant’s in my room two on each end of the windowsell and one on my desk. then i put the amazing model of bones on my desk.

Panda’s rainy day 1🐼

Panda was angry because it had been raining all morning. He just wanted his morning bamboo. Panda was so angry he put on his rain coat and went to see frog. He was joyfully jumping on the wet rocks when panda found him. All of a sudden a dragon and took panda he was almost scared to death. So frog went to get dog and cat and they went to find him

To be continued…

Why is it raining ?

It was raining all morning and the Cooks had planed for a picnic in the park. “Why is it raining ?” asked Jack. Mum replied with a thought of “The elephants where stamping on the clouds and it forced the clouds to explode with water,”. Dad said that all different types of cars…

When Will It Stop

It has been raining all morning and it still hasn’t stopped. We’ve had to stay in, it’s so boring. Every time we start to play my Mum says stop being so loud. Earlier I checked the weather on my Dads phone to see if it will still be raining for the rest of the week and it is. We are now watching TV. My Mum just came over and said no TV. I’m going on my ipad. My Mum is working at the moment so I’m lucky. I’m going to go downstairs now. It’s still raining.


Rainy Day

One day a family woke up and it had been raining all day. So they went to a bowling alley. And there was a boy called bill who won the 2  match so we treated him to a pizza. His favirout pizza was peperroni.  And then he went home but it was not raining any more. So they went for a walk with there dogs. And they are called Rob & Bob and they are both boys. until they didn’t see the biggest cloud in the world and it was a hale stone about 50cm long it waighs 200 tones so they got sqaushed 
                                                      The End! 

The Treat Traumatise

I was NOT excited about today, the weather report said it would rain! And it did, it had been raining all morning, raining TREATS!! I had my window open and heard a pitter, patter on it, I went to close the piece of glass and looked down, to my surprise I saw the ground COMPLETELY covered in chocolate doughnuts, fondant fancies, cupcakes, cans of coke, Dr. Pepper, 7Up, The LOT! I say! It wasn’t even just SWEET TREATS either, because I’m pretty sure there were some Xboxs and a few Playstations dotted around as well! I cleaned my wellies THOROUGHLY so I didn’t get icing on my legs! and bounded in to the garden… to see a DOG as well! It was a Labrador, I was SOOO happy! I’d always wanted a Dog, and instantly took him inside, cleaned him up and called him Flaps, I guess I didn’t need all those sweet treats after all! I still ate some of them though…!

Moral: never judge something before you have witnessed it!