New Friend

I was meeting my friend Emily at the school gates . I finally arrived and she wasn’t there she was always there though were could she be? It was the start of lessons she wasn’t there I am defently going to have to find her at break. Finally it was break it felt like forever I searched the playground until  I caught her in sight with another girl i ran to her like I’ve nether ran before. Were have you been . “Oh I had to look after the new girl ‘.But  were still friends right. ‘right’. Since then we were BFFs!



Emily makes pease

One day Emily came back from school and found it really loud outside the house.So she went inside and then Emily went to her friends house but it was even louder over there and then i found out that every one in the city was arguing and that every body hated even care about each over so  then and said why are you all arguing because they didnt what to be friends with them but she made them all friends again and then she went home and founed her friends Cora and Olivia eating cake ice cream and cookies together.

My brother and i

One day me and my brother who is called Samuel were scooting to school and we were to lazy to go to the shop to get two scooters and both of us loved them. At first we were taking turns but then something switched in my head it was Samuels turn today and i wanted it today when it came to a hill i said can i get on it too nope he said. I said why but before i could say anything he was gone down the hill i chased him but before long we were back at home.

the fight of destainy

Ones there was a boy who was called josh.He was the fastest boy in the school suddenly a boy called ben who joined the school two days ago.He was so fast he won every race he was in he got in a race with josh ben won.He was so happy that he all most wet him self.josh was so angry so he went up to ben and he said so you think your so fast?yep I do. josh punched ben and they had a fight at the end they both met and said do you want to be fiends yes.

brother love

“And i hate you to. ”                                                                                                                        hi my name is Dave and you gust caught me fighting withe my brother Jim Bob. We do n0t like each other at all and when I say at I mean at all even when I was one we hated each other. The argument started when I was gust born i was so cute and he said i was so ugly because he was two when I was  born but I i think this sivvle war I think later i will go up into room and give him a letter saying sorry for ever day

Ellie makes peace

One day i got transported to a different place! I realised that it was the same time and i was just in the field. So i started to explore and i found houses and people everywhere. I found a girl and we soon became friends, and she had a brother that i made friends with. They had a argument i kept silent i remembered it was peace day so i told them. Now they said sorry to each other and made friends. I walked back a long way, and played with my best friends Cora and Annie and had fun.

Eric’s big fight

Once I was  in the playground of my 9th day at school I was with my fabulous friends Josh and Ben we were playing 50 50 in.Then suddenly a cool kid his name was Leo. He started to bully ben then josh started to stick up for him.But then he turned to my I ran but he catch up to me but that was not a surprise because I am very slow I was so scared. Then he started to punch me he gave me a black eye and scratched me then a teacher came out and gave us both detention no!!!

The kick

One day I was at the stables mucking out,I only had five minute before my riding lesson.My horse is called Twilight and she is white. I was riding with a girl called Sofie and I don’t really like her.Finally the time had come I mounted my horse and trotted into the arena and I saw Sofie shadow getting ready. I started trotting round the arena and then Sofie pulled out in front of me and Twilight kicked Shadow and  me and Sofie fell straight of the horses… Sofie said said sorry after and me and her came best  of friends.

me and my brother

So this is the story of me and my brothers arguments but the most important part is the peace , so here it goes sometimes me and brother can get along really well but sometimes we can do otherwise so now this part is good because this part is the part that the peace kicks in so here it is  me and my brother are normally very nice and peaceful to each other and the important part is that we respect each other .I hate to say it but some times we can have fights and a little bit rarely arguments 

The Pony Argument

I was at the stables were my pony was  as I jumped out  the car I ran over to  Sugar then I saw someone  in the stable grooming Sugar it was Ella the girl who always interfered with Sugar”WHY ARE YOU GROOMING MY PONY ” I screamed ”OK,no need to shout ”she said ”I was only helping” then she threw the body brush to the floor as I moved over to Sugar  he gave a whinny of delight after I groomed Sugar I went over to the shed to eat my lunch then Ella came out and said ”let’s make peace”.

My New Friend

One sunny morning I was eating my breakfast .After I finished my breakfast I went back upstairs to get dressed.Onese I came out of my room I heard a small vosie .So I looked everywhere then under the sother I sore a little girl called Sophie. She was very kind and nice to me.We went on a trip to the seaside to exsplor it was fun.We also went to exsplor an igloo in a very could plase we had lots of fun in the igloo we also sore some penguins. Then we came home to go to bed night Sophie. 


”WOW you are so tall” I said to the BFG  ”Also where are we going today” I said to him ”You will see”the BFG replied. We where walking down a little path throw a  field with no one around. ”PLEASE tell me where we are going” ”We are going to a forest” said the BFG ”wich forest where” i shouted ”This forest hear” the BFG whispered ” Why are you whispering” i said ”Because there are hunters that hunt me down but i can do any thing because my home is down hear and ow bang the BFG and there was no more of the BFG



My Dream With Matilda

I was falling to sleep in my cosy bed.I fell to sleep and I had the most wonderful dream ever. My dream was with Matilda was about… One day it was a normal school day and we had been learning about some rare plants. I  said to my friend Matilda at break ”lets go and find theses rare plants there all talking about, they’re never been found before.”We crept over the fence and jogged into the woods! ”Lets have a walk around” ,I said . We looked and we looked and and I found them the brown flowers. Matilda we’re lost…


I was starting to drift asleep,it was 10 o’clock at night and dad was asleep . But then the window open then my curtain opened I could see two pair of  feet then I saw a girl beside my red curtains ”I’m here to take you somewhere called the chamber of the good ,we’ve got no time to loose” I understood and got out of bed quickly and followed her out the window as I stepped on the trail of clouds I saw a picture of my mum who was dead and Matilda said ”the chamber of secrets as I got inside.

BFG triathlalon

The BFG was late home from catching dreams he jumped on his bed and went to sleep.He was in the triathlalon and he was in the running bit and he was first by miles he was near the sea he got  in and he was freezing.He swam as fast as a dolphin. He got to the other side and, he was tired he got on a bike.He could hardly fit on the bike he was a bad biker but he was still good he got to the end and they gave him a medal  he woke up and he smiled.

MR fox

Well what are we having dear said MR fox ? A chicken said his wife . A chicken it is said Mr fox and he dug and dug and dug and then he found some more tuneles . Which way is it wailed Mr fox . Just then a mole came up to him are you lost asked the mole yes whiped Mr fox I got lost and now I cant get back . I know the way back said the mole you do cheered Mr fox yes said the mole can I come as well of corse said Mr fox . Im back  THE END

Freya’s Adventure With Matilda!

Once there lived a girl called Freya and a girl called Matilda. They were best friends. One day they got really bord so they decided they would go on a advencher. They walked and walked and finally .They araved there it was a dark gloomy castle.Freya sead” where are we”.Matilda sead “we are at my unckles”.He a dark man i am going to spy on him. Suddenly rip out a knife from his and killed Matilda’s mum.Matilda qickly called the pliose Matilda crid and crid her unckle whent to jale. Matilda whent home and finaly cheard up.Freya was very confused.

My Awesome Adventure with Matilda

One day i was watching t.v and then suddenly, i saw Matilda on movies so i pressed the channel and then Matilda was on the screen and she said can you please help me and then i said yes so she sucked me into the screen and i found myself in a very strainge world and it was all weard and strangh so i had a look around and then i saw Matilda so i ran over there and i said whats the problem and then i helped her solve her problenand then i went back home and watched t.v.

The BFG Dreams

One day there was a giant named the BFG he gave amazing dreams to the children of London. He was as fast as Usain Bolt giving out dreams.One day the BFG accalldentley put the dream on him. He fell right asleep and dreampt  a bad dream. but then suddenly the other giant of giant contry (where the giants live)came in. They took him into one of there hut an waited for him to wake up.when he woke up the giants interagated him. It was about who they have see him running of at night. The BFG was scared. THE END