About me and my life

My names Mia  I’m 9years old.  I live with my mum, cats and dog. My cats names are Sven and Bobby. My dogs name is Ralph.

My teachers are Mr Ainscow and Mr Murphy. Mr Aniscow is funny. Mr Murphy is funny. Mr A is small and he has black hair and he loves Batman. My M is tall he has silvery Gray hair.

I have two best friends Milena and Harriet. We all like Keys Greg books . We’re all crazy and funny.

All about me and my life

Hi I’m Harriet and this’s part 3 of Hi I’m Harriet.

I have a life update for you guys. I’ve got a build a bear called Kahana she is a beige colour, she is a tomboy and her fave colours are red, blue and purple.  

I’ve got 2 new besties called Milena and Mia. We are all equally as mad as each other. I have some new fave books ?, The daisy books by:Kes Gray. 

Hope you liked this post, if you have any questions please feel free to comment down below.

Hi I’m Harriet part two

This is part two of hi I’m Harriet.

What I eat.

I like to eat pizza, fries, honeycomb crunch bars, lemonade, tropical juice, carbonara and spaghetti.

My fave movies.

my fave movies are Miss Peregrines Home For Peculiar Children, Goosebumps and The Lego Batman Movie.

My hobbies.

my hobbies are dancing, singing, colouring, drawing, setting up clubs and playing on my iPad.

My 5 fave songs

 1. Don’t let me down

2. Rockabye


 4.Me Too

5. Just Like Fire

My fave game

My fave game is Rubicks Race

My fave singers 

Amy Winehouse

Taylor Swift

Meghan Trainor

Justin Beiber

Ariana Grande

Shawn Mendes




Ed Sheeran

and my fave band is

The Vamps

My fave books

My fave books are Diary Of A Wimpy Kid

Skulldugery Pleasant

and The Simpsons Guide

Hi I’m Harriet

Hi I’m Harriet.

I like Pusheen, dogs, cats, football, unicorns, jojo bows, monkeys, minecraft, roblox, youtube, glitter, emojis, basketball, pencilcases, pokemon, dance, starwars, lepoards, tigers and HARRY POTTER!

my friends are Grace, Lola, Freddy, Harley, Brooklyn, Cora, Annie, Olivia, Aston , Morgan, Amelie, Amy and Annabel.

my nickname is Sassy. My pet is my dog George. I support spurs for football. I like reading and  maths. When I grow up I wanna be a singer.