About me and my life

My names Mia  I’m 9years old.  I live with my mum, cats and dog. My cats names are Sven and Bobby. My dogs name is Ralph.

My teachers are Mr Ainscow and Mr Murphy. Mr Aniscow is funny. Mr Murphy is funny. Mr A is small and he has black hair and he loves Batman. My M is tall he has silvery Gray hair.

I have two best friends Milena and Harriet. We all like Keys Greg books . We’re all crazy and funny.

All about me and my life

Hi I’m Harriet and this’s part 3 of Hi I’m Harriet.

I have a life update for you guys. I’ve got a build a bear called Kahana she is a beige colour, she is a tomboy and her fave colours are red, blue and purple.  

I’ve got 2 new besties called Milena and Mia. We are all equally as mad as each other. I have some new fave books ?, The daisy books by:Kes Gray. 

Hope you liked this post, if you have any questions please feel free to comment down below.

Hi I’m Harriet part two

This is part two of hi I’m Harriet.

What I eat.

I like to eat pizza, fries, honeycomb crunch bars, lemonade, tropical juice, carbonara and spaghetti.

My fave movies.

my fave movies are Miss Peregrines Home For Peculiar Children, Goosebumps and The Lego Batman Movie.

My hobbies.

my hobbies are dancing, singing, colouring, drawing, setting up clubs and playing on my iPad.

My 5 fave songs

 1. Don’t let me down

2. Rockabye


 4.Me Too

5. Just Like Fire

My fave game

My fave game is Rubicks Race

My fave singers 

Amy Winehouse

Taylor Swift

Meghan Trainor

Justin Beiber

Ariana Grande

Shawn Mendes




Ed Sheeran

and my fave band is

The Vamps

My fave books

My fave books are Diary Of A Wimpy Kid

Skulldugery Pleasant

and The Simpsons Guide

Hi I’m Harriet

Hi I’m Harriet.

I like Pusheen, dogs, cats, football, unicorns, jojo bows, monkeys, minecraft, roblox, youtube, glitter, emojis, basketball, pencilcases, pokemon, dance, starwars, lepoards, tigers and HARRY POTTER!

my friends are Grace, Lola, Freddy, Harley, Brooklyn, Cora, Annie, Olivia, Aston , Morgan, Amelie, Amy and Annabel.

my nickname is Sassy. My pet is my dog George. I support spurs for football. I like reading and  maths. When I grow up I wanna be a singer.

Hi Im Mia and Amelia

My name’s Mia and I like hourse riding and I live with my mum and 3 pet’s one dog called ralth he is 12 years old and 2 cats called Bobby and Sven Bobby is 6 and Sven he is 2. I play with Amelia at school we have two teachers called Mr Murthy and Mr Anscow.

My name is Amelia and I like playing with Mia beuase when I am sad she cames and helps me a lot and I live with my mum and I have 11 animals 1 cat and 2 kittens and 3 fish and 3 guieapigs and 2 rabbits I play with Mia we play every brace and lunch.

Freya and Harriet!

This is a post with my friend Harriet. We are in year 5 our teacher is Mr Murphy. I love love horses, my guinea pigs Chocolate and Fudge, the racehorse that couldn’t gallop and I do not have a fave movie. Hi I’m Harriet, I like my dog George, cats, unicorns, monkeys, my fave movies are Goosebumps, Sing,  Trolls and Ghostbusters (both versions). We are BFF’s we like to play ninjas and karate. The clubs I go to are Brownies, horse riding and ballet. Harriet goes to street dance. We are keen readers. We like to play with barbies, fimo, squishy toys, shlikes, playmobile. We like to watch clarence, adventure time, dance moms. our fave youtubers are Jojo Siwa, Denis, Corlhorl, alex, subzeroextabytegaming, stampylonglegs, zoella, pointless blog. Bye from us peeps.

Hello are names our Morgan and Amelie!

Me Amelie and my best friend Morgan both like going round each others huge houses after school and walking Amelie’s cute cockerpoo or making up adventure stories. Myself, Morgan some of the time likes to sit next to my small, cute cat and watch the tv or play computer games. We both also like to chat to each other as well as reading a book in a quiet area. My friend Amelie loves playing games or watching  youtube videos on devices. Me and Morgan are quite similar with what we like to do. We both have pets, we both like reading and we both have a extreme, wild imagination. At are school are favourite subject is AR reading, which some times we can have up to forty five minutes which we find quite enjoyable. When we’re a bit excited watch out we can be extremely crazy!



Hi Im Luke I like to do crosscontry and swimming I came 23rd in my crosscontry race I done the best in the school. On Sunday 22n of January we done swimming and we done 4k it was fun. My friends are Sami, Harley, Freddie, Freddy, Myles, Harley R and Leo…

Hi my name is Sami and most of my friends are the same as Luke’s . In my crosscontry i came 48th i did the same as Luke in the swimming and we were meant to do 3k but we did 4k I like to play tennis and a bit of football (but i am quite bad)

All about me

Hi my name is Annabel .My favourite thin to do is play with my BFF Amy. I have a brother called Charlie.I have a cat called Kenny.He is a black cat.Me and my BFF like the same things .When I get free time I like to give my self a makeover. My BFF likes me so much that she gave me a makeover .And we even shook a bootle of coke and it went all over us. Now it’s time to talk about me Amy.H i my name is Amy I have a little sister called Isla and she loves cuddly toys so much that she filled up her bed up with them. we also have a dog called Albert he is is a wippet . he can run as fast as a car we also have chickens all we have left of them is Dasy Panzy Lilly  they like to walk around the garden . I have a BFF her name is Annabel we both like having makeovers .My favourite season is summer because girls can were there summer dresses I like summer so much because you can eat ice cream you can go to the park or go out with you’re friends or you can go to the local pool or go to the cinema or the beech or a different contree .

Wyatt and Alex

Hi my name is Wyatt and this is Alex hi I’m Alex i like to play games on my xbox and ps4. At school I like brake and home time.Hi Wyatt now I like to play my xbox one and xbox 360 and ps4. I like to play with my friends I  really like maths and art and science and like going to my friends after school and going round there house for a sleepover. Back to my now Alex i like  sleepovers I like to play Minecraft and lego Star Wars. Hi me Wyatt I have a iPhone  and I  hope you  like this bye

hi its Gracie and Ruby

hi guys!!!!!

hi it is Gracie and Ruby we are sooooooooooo 🙁 sad that Lola cant be with us because she is our BFF. Ruby stop crying I know it is sad but STOP! So first we are going to tell you are fav animals. Mine (Ruby’s) is a baby red fox/otters. Mine (Gracie) is TIGERSSSSSSSSS. GRACIE STOP SHOUTING. BUT YOUR THE ONE SHOUTING. GRACIE let  stop   shouting     and    take     a   deep breath. So now Ruby’s fav colour is turquoise and mine is pink. The most unknown fact about both of us is………………………………………………………      we live a block away from each other. Just saying we had a really big laugh before we put it down THE FACT. Ruby said we should say we are Maddie and McKenzie from dance moms lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol. Ok we will tell you are inside joke. wait is Olivia wearing a T shirt, Gracie said, No, Ruby said (ha ha ha).By the way we live in England ( wow wow wow) .Gracie is on group 7 and I am in Group 5.Well that is it for now see you again next time  bye.

bye Gracie and Ruby we are form Crosshall Junior

All about Lola

Hi my name is Lola I am so sad that Grace and Ruby (my BFFS)cant be here.But i’m going to make it work.lets start with animals my apsolute favourite is a LEOPARD LEOPARD LEOPARD.My favourite colure is RED RED RED I think that RED go’s with BLACK.On Thursdays I go to BALLET BALLET BALLET.I go with my BFF GRACE Ruby does not go to ballet.I have a little sister called BOBO. I live in England and one of my favourite shops is CLARIS COSMETICS and PRIMARK.I also have lots of LEOPARD printed stuff .I like the move  Forest Gump and The Goonies and The Worst Witch.I have a big soft toy LEOPARD called BRONIE.