A Day In The Life Of Snow.

Last  Monday, I was falling in the park  I love it when I glide down and go back in the air until I need to snow again but what I really hate is when little humans pick me up and throw me! Can you believe it they throw me, and I hit another human but, the only humans I like is the ones that build out of me. And what I really like is that they put  me in a really tall place of what they are building.

The other thing I don’t like is that humans let their beasts pee on, ME and tread on me it’s so painful. But what I hate the most is when humans lay down on me and I cover them they go inside and I…….melt I know it is so dreadful I have died a million times but luckily I reproduce in the sky.

The Day Of the Pens!

Last Wednesday, Chloe (the owner of the colourful pens), got a lot of letters from us. My one was at the top and yellow’s was at the bottom of the pile. She saw the letters and opened mine first.

Chloe read it out loud and it said,” Dear Chloe, Hello it’s pink you hardly ever use me. Is it because you think I’m a girls colour cause I’m not, I’m a girls and  boys colour. Why can’t you use me for clouds, maybe even an odd pink dinosaus?

A Day of a Life of a cupboard

Every day something new comes in me that you shove down my throut and there like toys from children and I  downt think that is verey nice! one day I am going to be full of toys and I will spit  them out one by one at you!

Three days later i was full so  i spit it all on the techer and all the children got there toys back and they lived hapilly ever after the teatcher was never seen againg.

A Painful Day In The Life Of A Football

The other day I was minding my own business in my favourite spot in the garden when  a little boy came and kicked me ”hey what was that for” I muttered I went flying through the air and landed in a net “GOAL!!!” the little boy shouted what do you think I am , a football .

Uh oh I am a football the boy called his friends to come and play they were all kicking me ow aaa ouch stop that hurts oww .The more they kicked me the more it heart . It felt like a bullet passing through me every time they kick me .

They even took me in there van to a horrid place called a holiday park, why are you smiling this is horrible “I love going on holiday ” the boy said . Holiday are you joking this is not holiday this is torture . I  had to sit in the van practically the whole five days we were there . On the way back theuy stopped of at a fast food resturant But the boy brought me outside and kicked me to the resturant ow aaa ouch stop that hurts oww when we got home he dropped me in the net and they went to bed but I could not sleep because I think I broke my back from being kicked so much .

The Day in a Life of an iPad

Hello I am an iPad and I get used every day. A boy uses me all the time And I am Tired of being used. He dose the least by charging me, He dosen’t even wipe my screen very often. So I wrote a letter to him.                                                                                                                                                                                                          The letter said : Dear Mattis please wipe my screen and give me a rest for a bit. I am getting tired of running all your games. That is why I glitch a lot.      your Friendly friend Huddle.                                                                                                 

  Dear Mattis                                                                                                                                Hello There I am wii u please give me a break, please play with iPad I am tired of spinning the Minecraft disc in my mouth.                                               Your tired friend Wii u.

Mattis did not know what to do but he replied to the letters. His reply was : 

Dear Huddle and Wii u                                                                                                                I will both give you a rest by reading a book today. I am open to suggestions.  I Hope you have a nice rest. Your very caring Friend Mattis.

 So that was that, they got a nice rest and they were happy !                                                                                               

The Day of The Bag

Yesterday I saw some children leave the class room and I was all by my self because I’am  in a cupboard squished up with every thing else . I’am a black and wight bag my owner is a teacher called Mr Shepherd. I think the children went to a seaside called Champagne Beach.And then I saw some one with a child he was crying because he got told of for going in the water when he is not aloud Mr Shepherd opened the cupboard and took me out and went home and left the child there with out the child knowing



I’m The Worst Computer

I’m the worst computer ever. Like seriously I am! A girl came up to me to do the internet connection, so I had to get ready to submit it if it is right. “UGH, THIS COMPUTER IS SO STUPID!” screamed the girl. She is right I am stupid. I’ve went to Google Chrome to see if they are NOT going to do computers anymore. Suddenly, I shutted myself down and starting thinking “Hmm, I should get smashed so that I am the worst computer ever!

I wrote an email to Google Chrome to shut it down by tomorrow. But now they couldn’t, 30,909 voted to not shut it down. A teacher came up to me to delete everything in folders. I had to follow what she is doing, now I am not worst anymore……totally sad.

Ugh now an a annoying girl is coming up to me and smashing me, OH NUU THAT HURTS!!!!


Yes I am the baddest and worst computer ever.

I am not an computer anymore, now I don’t exist…  I was thinking to be an device but no…wait what about being an human with brains hmmm no you need to breathe then. I sat in the school for all day long also hours and hours. I’ve been to the school for 17 years! I don’t really have an age to be honest. It is a bit weird because every one has an age expect from me but I don’t know how old I am.

There’s an email it saids, Dear Unknown, 30,909 people voted to not shut down computers, but you can’t shut yourself down because that’s maybe a waste of money.. I mean well if the computers don’t exist. From the owner who owns computers.

I’m thinking ok I won’t shut myself down, but ok I don’t exist. First of all I am the worst computer ever!

The End


The Day I Give Up.

Last Friday, I went to my bed room with a massive grin on my face because I pasted a test. Until there were 2 letters on my bed. It said.

Dear Nicola

Hi it is me your very warm and cool blanket, I come to say I WANT MORE HUGS!! at night you seem to lay on a cover not me, please may you cuddle me more. I will warn out if you don’t save me HELP ME NICOLA. Your cuddles white, Blanket.

Dear Nicola

Hello this is your teddy Monkey, I come here to say I GIVE UP!! all you seem to do is just drop me on the floor, and just listen to you play games about schools or pretend I’m a student ,just make me happy please. Your board, sad teddy Monkey. 

PS: We still want to live on your bed because we don’t have a home to stay in. 


The Day in The Life Of a Laptop

On Monday morning I could hear the owner come through the door I really wanted to be turned on but he was just checking us.In the afternoon the owner came and turned me on.It was quite rude because the owner never said good morning to me . I got cleaned really well which made me excited for the day.About 20 minutes later the whole school came in and a class had a session and I  was picked up by a boy and he was hurting me by tapping on my keys extremely hard  I felt useless.People chuck me around the table and scratch my body.But coming to the end of the day I  got shut down but before that happened the owner watched some you tube and I got scared because they always stare at you. After the lights got turned of it was  bed time for me I deserve a rest.

A Day In The Life Of Football

My name is Lennon and it is an early Saturday morning and my favourite football is my Premier League football out there on the lawn and on the football there was a note so I opened it and it said ”I know I am your favourite football Lennon but I never get used.”I thought what have I done he’s my favourite football and he thinks he isn’t getting used enough.
The next morning I woke up and blinked a few times I didn’t know how bright it would I was wondering what time it was a then I heard a  door open and and then I heard it SLAM!! It was Lennon He came up to me and started doing shots with me and I was going top corners and bottom corners and it was so fun I was going up , down , left and right. I got used the whole day and I was happy with Lennon.

A day in the life of an xbox

On Saturday morning I heard my owner coming down the stairs and I knew after he had had his breakfast he was going to play on me.
Finally he had finished his breakfast and he turned me on and played the game that he always plays it is called fortnite he plays it so much that i’m starting to get board of him playing the game but at the same time it’s kind of fun really.
But one day he got so angry that he smashed his xbox controller against the wall and it smashed the controller.
And then he smashed me against the wall and it hurt me oh yeah it hurt and I was all broken I felt old and broken no one wanted to use me until someone new came along and took me home

®The Day in The Life Of a phone.®

      Hi, today  was a tiring day my owner kept on turning me on. My owner’s house is so big that I get lost nearly everyday! Before she went to school she turned me on and watched youtube which to me is boring cause I can’t watch it because it’s on my body and I only have one eye which I take pictures of other things. I was feeling sad while she was watching because my friend (mums phone) he had his screen smashed and he felt useless because he was replaced by a bullying iPhone X . I don’t like him. Oh no it’s the time when my owner comes back from school. She is home and she is playing Roblox on me. Next, she opened up these random apps called Instagram, Snapchat, Musically. I was so fed up I feel like I want to quit being a phone. I have 3% and she still is playing on me. I bet she is going to charge me when I die so I’ll go have a lovely rest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Life Of A Laptop.

The lights flicked on and my mouth was opened. Someone was scratching my tongue! I decided to wake up so I opened my eyes and my mistress was sitting in front of me. She obviously wanted something but instead of saying “Good morning” she said “Finally you have turned on!”
I thought that was a bit rude but I am a laptop so I can’t tell her of.She opened up Google Chrome and started to push down my teeth [this is how every day starts]! I realised that it was a Saturday so she shouldn’t give me that much stuff.

“Ella come downstairs please it is breakfast time time!”
My mistress ran downstairs and left me on! I was getting angrier every second. She never turned me of and I was starting to run out of battery!! I decided to have a rest and turn off, so that was exactly what I did. If you were Ella would you turn me off?

“Turn on you lazy pig!”
Ella shouted. She always broke my nap like that! The more upset I was, the more I refused to do what she wanted. Ella thought that I was dead so she shut my mouth and took me to the bring back to life snake. I decided this was a great time to have a nap so I turned off my brain, closed all the eyes she had opened and went to sleep.

My mouth was opened again and Ella took the snake out of my cut. She scratched my mouth, opened up Scratch, her most used app, and started to make a pattern. I actually woke up without being upset. Her mum must have told her to be really kind to me and I thought that she had turned to a completely diffrent person!
“Ella lunch is ready!”
Ella ran downstairs and left my light on! Wait no, she ran back upstairs and closed my mouth! Ella really had…had…ch..changed! I was so tired that I just fell asleep!

You can probably guess what happened next, yes that’s correct. My mouth was opened and someone was scratching my tongue. Guess who it is? That’s right it was Ella. But this time she went onto the phone. Ellas mum came up and turned me off. I was carried to her room and turned on! Ellas mum said that Ella didn’t want me any more so I was going onto a kids sail!

The person who picked me up was actually Ella! She obviously wanted me back but I was a bit scared. Would I be treated well or not well? We shall see.


Dear Diary,

In a big black box, yesterday, I moved into a brand new wooden white home. I wasn’t the only book moving in, there was lots of other me too!

Earlier this morning,  it was my turn to be read. I stepped up on to the bed, exited. About five minutes later, Ben, my user  walked in. Nervous, I waited for my words to come out of his mouth.

Luckily, I got the better of my nerves and soon enjoyed being read. I Loved all the big grins and smiles on Ben’s face.

When I had finished, I jumped down off the big blue bed. “OWWWWW” I squealed. Page number 13 of me had been ripped!

“Whats the matter?” Ben said to me in a low-tone gentle voice. I turned myself to the ripped page and said nothing. Ben then said “No problem,” and taped me up as good as new.

When the Pens Give Up

I was just getting out my pencil case ready to do some doodling, I got to the compartment where my pens were stored, and instead of pens I found a letter, which was addressed to me! It was a nice surprise until I read it,

Dear Adam,                                                                                                                                      We really enjoy being used and we’re really happy that you are using ALL the colours. Especially pink! It’s really good! But we are getting in to an argument, and me (light blue) are  trying to stop them but I can’t! They are all boasting about who is used the most and who is not! Please help me talk some sense into them!

Your Favourite Pen,                                                                                                                      Light Blue                        

P.S. Please talk to them TONIGHT because we jumped out of your pencil case, Sorry!

Well after that I didn’t know WHAT to believe, I felt like, Erm… Umm,  well I wanted school to end INSTANTLY and I wanted to talk some sense into them! (In light blue’s words) When school ended I ran all the way back home not even stopping! I shot up to my room to open the door to a shock, There was a massive doodle that was all assigned to me with my name on the front, all the Pen’s names were on the front as well and there were some lovely compliments on the back, it was PROFESSIONAL! I loved it so much that I gave my Pens a huge hug and never EVER, EVER bothered them again! Today I still have that picture on my wall and I’m never, EVER taking it off!

P.S. This is not a 100 word challenge so don’t comment on the number of words. (: >_< 🙂

A Day In The Life Of Snow

Last Monday, it was snowing in the park. I hate it when it snows. I’m a snowflake and I really do not like it when I touch the ground.

First, I get blown through the wind (not in control of what direction I am going).

Then, snowflakes normally get blown into people’s hair and melt; others do not. I didn’t (luckily).

Next I touch the ground. Lots of bad actions at that point, actions, that I don’t want to happen to me. Like people stepping on me. Oh how I hate people treading on me. I get squashed and squished and kicked around. Snow is the worst object to be in the whole wide world.

Another bad thing that could happen to me is that sometimes I get scrunched up into a ball. Once I have been made into a ball I get thrown around. I get thrown at: trees, people, bins, lamp posts, slides, swings and loads more. They call me a snowball. I AM A SNOWFLAKE NOT, A SNOWBALL!

After that, the most annoying thing is people gather me and the other snowflakes get made into models. Like model humans, model dogs, even model snowflakes!

Something else, is that humans sometimes eat me! Would you like to be eaten.

Finally, I will tell you the only good thing is flying down chatting with my friends.

Yours sincerely


The Day The Bear Yo Yo’s Quit

Yesterday, a girl called Natalie got home from school and went into her sweetie cupboard to get a bear yo yo. Natalie saw a pile of letters so she picked them up and bought them to her room to read them.

Hey Natalie. Strawberry bear yo yo here. Please could you tell all of the other flavours that they are useless as you always have me as a snack. You are so kind for always having me as a snack.                                                                                 Your dear friend strawberry bear yo yo.

Hello Natalie. Blackcurrant bear yo yo here. Tell your brother that he is so kind for having me as a snack. Also one more favour, please could you tell apple bear yo yo and pineapple bear yo yo to stop fighting about who you will try next. They will not talk to each other and it is driving the rest of us crazy.                                                                                                                       Blackcurrant bear yo yo out! (Also do you want to hear my song? Blackcurrant is the best flavour ever. BOOM!)

Sup Natalie. Pineapple bear yo yo here. I know that you will try me next as you have said in the store that the flavour apple is disgusting. And could you please tell apple bear yo yo that I’m better than him.                                                    The flavour you are going to try next pineapple bear yo yo.

What is the matter with you Natalie. It is apple bear yo yo speaking to you now. Please can you tell pineapple bear yo yo that you are  going to try me next. I would tell him myself but we are no longer speaking.                                     The flavour that you are going to try next apple bear yo yo.

After those letters Natalie felt sorry and decided to try them all. It was a good thing that she tried them all as she didn’t get another letter back. She was happy now. Natalie told her teacher and she got a well done sticker.

And a gold star for trying different things!



The Day in a Life Of a book

At night she picks  me up and opens me to the page she last read.She doesn’t read me out loud and only in her head.

I wake up in the morning to find that she has left, when I hear the door open and feet coming up the stairs she puts me in this dark full bag with hardly room to move. my pages turn and it hearts a lot she takes me out and cries she tells her mum to find another one, and never reads me again. The other book gets read a lot and is taken every were. Now I am a sad, lonely book, and want someone to use me again.

Teddy Life

Last Friday as soon as Millie woke up early, because she had to go to school ,she realised I was on the floor so she picked me up and then softly placed me on her bed with the other teddies . Then she went and got ready for school .The last time she came back in her room was to do her hair and put her badges on then I herd the door slam. I knew her mum had gone to work too so it was time to PARTY.I whispered “The cost is clear” we all  piled on each other and then I climbed on the banister and slid down it then we all partied till dawn and called are friends my BFF is Polar Millies BFF, Amys teddy, then Millie and her mum came in just in time we got back in the positions she put us in earlier in.”MUM WHERE HAS ALL THE SWEETS GONE ” shouted Millie “uhh I forgot about THAT’ the teddy said rubbing its tummy.

When the Two ipads Had Enough

In the morning,Jack when down stairs in his house so he can go on one of his ipads. But there wasn’t any ipads and he found two notes,The first one said:”Dear Jack, its me! Your favorite ipad.I know that you like playing on me so much but you keep draining my batteries and you keep on making me die! Your killing me here! Your best source of technology, Red ipad”.

“Dear Jack, Hey its me, blue ipad, the armored ipad, don’t you think red ipad is such a wiener huh? Well your brother Alex can’t stop using me, I don’t care but i get bashed so much, he uses me for gigabites and takes up so much power i have to be backed up so much. Your mostly unused ipad from you, blue ipad.

P.S I have nothing to say so blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah, giga giga giga giga giga giga giga giga giga giga giga giga giga, beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep, boop boop boop boop boop boop boop”. Jack was really upset so he got his phone and made a little cardboard box shaped like an ipad and put his phone in it, it was perfect! So he spend the rest of his days with a cardboard ipad and his parents and his brother was really upset and Jack hid the letters and threw them in the bin, who knows where they were.


“Hey blue ipad”



“Were are we gonna go?”




“Hey whats that coming towards us?”


“It looks like a car”






“Wait…, why are the tires coming towards us? Thats weird”


“Well theres a code on the tire what says 018362…”



They had cracked screens and where never seen again…