A Day In The Life Of Snow.

Last  Monday, I was falling in the park  I love it when I glide down and go back in the air until I need to snow again but what I really hate is when little humans pick me up and throw me! Can you believe it they throw me, and I hit another human but, the only humans I like is the ones that build out of me. And what I really like is that they put  me in a really tall place of what they are building.

The other thing I don’t like is that humans let their beasts pee on, ME and tread on me it’s so painful. But what I hate the most is when humans lay down on me and I cover them they go inside and I…….melt I know it is so dreadful I have died a million times but luckily I reproduce in the sky.

The Day Of the Pens!

Last Wednesday, Chloe (the owner of the colourful pens), got a lot of letters from us. My one was at the top and yellow’s was at the bottom of the pile. She saw the letters and opened mine first.

Chloe read it out loud and it said,” Dear Chloe, Hello it’s pink you hardly ever use me. Is it because you think I’m a girls colour cause I’m not, I’m a girls and  boys colour. Why can’t you use me for clouds, maybe even an odd pink dinosaus?

A Day of a Life of a cupboard

Every day something new comes in me that you shove down my throut and there like toys from children and I  downt think that is verey nice! one day I am going to be full of toys and I will spit  them out one by one at you!

Three days later i was full so  i spit it all on the techer and all the children got there toys back and they lived hapilly ever after the teatcher was never seen againg.

A Painful Day In The Life Of A Football

The other day I was minding my own business in my favourite spot in the garden when  a little boy came and kicked me ”hey what was that for” I muttered I went flying through the air and landed in a net “GOAL!!!” the little boy shouted what do you think I am , a football .

Uh oh I am a football the boy called his friends to come and play they were all kicking me ow aaa ouch stop that hurts oww .The more they kicked me the more it heart . It felt like a bullet passing through me every time they kick me .

They even took me in there van to a horrid place called a holiday park, why are you smiling this is horrible “I love going on holiday ” the boy said . Holiday are you joking this is not holiday this is torture . I  had to sit in the van practically the whole five days we were there . On the way back theuy stopped of at a fast food resturant But the boy brought me outside and kicked me to the resturant ow aaa ouch stop that hurts oww when we got home he dropped me in the net and they went to bed but I could not sleep because I think I broke my back from being kicked so much .

The Day in a Life of an iPad

Hello I am an iPad and I get used every day. A boy uses me all the time And I am Tired of being used. He dose the least by charging me, He dosen’t even wipe my screen very often. So I wrote a letter to him.                                                                                                                                                                                                          The letter said : Dear Mattis please wipe my screen and give me a rest for a bit. I am getting tired of running all your games. That is why I glitch a lot.      your Friendly friend Huddle.                                                                                                 

  Dear Mattis                                                                                                                                Hello There I am wii u please give me a break, please play with iPad I am tired of spinning the Minecraft disc in my mouth.                                               Your tired friend Wii u.

Mattis did not know what to do but he replied to the letters. His reply was : 

Dear Huddle and Wii u                                                                                                                I will both give you a rest by reading a book today. I am open to suggestions.  I Hope you have a nice rest. Your very caring Friend Mattis.

 So that was that, they got a nice rest and they were happy !