Lost and found

Once there was a boy and one day he found a penguin at his door. The boy opened the door 🚪   and screamed so loud that the penguin ran all the way home were he lived. So the boy went to find it the boy New were it was in the Artic Circle so the boy set of  to find the 🐧 penguin. So I went to get my sandwich and set of to find the penguin 🐧. Finnaly I found the penguin siting on a cliff hanger all sad until the boy went up to him and sail sorry do you want to be friends and the penguin said yes so the boy and the penguin went back to the boys house 🏡             The End 


Tale of two partners

One fine morning, I rose from my bed  and grabbed my cool-looking silver computer and and started playing a really hard coding game, hard but fun. Then I slammed the lid down when I had enough. I carried my computer down to the dining room, ready to have my breakfast. I dropped my computer on the table and accidentally spilled a bit of oranges juice on the screen. “BEEP!”went the computer. “Oops,” I mumbled, and wiped the splodge of juice of the bright shiny screen.

From the computers perspective………

One tiering dull morning, my head got lifted from my neck. I wished I could change my awful clothes. My owner, Millee, started playing with myworst enemy Co-operative Coders. Grrrrr that game really makes my brain itch! Then, she decided that it was OK to just slam my head down onto my neck. Next she carried my down the stairs and finally sat down. She then spilt some icky sticky orange juice on me! I always dreamed of having a bath, but not one like this!

The sad Animal

There I was, standing by the door looking at this animal that looked sad. It was a sunny day and, as a nice kind person, I took the animal and showed it where it wants to go. I left the animal by the swimming pool so it could swim.

Then the animal looked sadder than more, I couldn’t  sleep so I went out to see the animal, but then something else caught my eye. The more it got closer the more I saw WOW, the animal I noticed it was not sad it was just lonely.

Until then, me and the animal were always together


The Boy And The Penguin

The Boys Perspective

One day I was in my bed just relaxing when I heard a Bang on the door first I got my pyjamas on and then I heard it again so I went to the door and it was a penguin. So first I closed the door because I thought I was imagining it but then I opened it again and it was still there and it looked sad so I brought it in and covered it with a towel it felt cold at the same time. After a few moments I had breakfast and the penguin did as well. After breakfast I took him for a walk we went through the woods and near a river and over the hills. It was so fun until I heard the penguin scream so I ran to the room that I thought I heard it come from and he was just sitting on the bed looking at a map and pointing at the south pole

The Penguins Perspective

“I really want to go back to my home where my family is”I said to the boy and then the boy said I know you do so I’ll take you back in about 2 hours so I said “ok” and we were watching TV for about 10 minutes and then the boy said “ok” I am bored let’s just go  so we went on a boat all the way to Antarctica and whenI turned round he was gone so I went round the ice burg andI saw him playing around having fun so I went.

The Tale Of Two Friends!

One day, I went to my front door and saw a little penguin at my doorstep. Well luckily it was Saturday so if I didn’t get the penguin home I would have Sunday as well. I asked my Mum if I could take it home and she actually said yes I didn’t think she would say yes but she did.  My Mum gave me a packed lunch and some fish for the penguin. When we set of it was very warm but I still brought an umbrella just in case it rained. I told it stories and jokes. When we finnaly got there it jumped out and swam away. When I was heading back I saw something floating when I got closer to it I realised it was the penguin he jumped on and I rowed back.

I woke up next to a door of someone’s door I didn’t know how I got there. But I stood there anyway looking very confused. After about 10 minutes a little girl opened the door and saw me standing there. She then went and screamed, “there’s a penguin a the door”. It was so loud some pigeons that were a mile away could here it. Her Mum didn’t come out, but she said she could take me home! I couldn’t wait to get home she told me story’s about animals I liked that. She gave me some fish. Then when we finally got there I jumped out and swam away. It was so fun back at home. When I was floating on my back I saw a really small boat then it got closer and closer and closer. Until I realised it was the little girl. So I hopped in and She took me to her cozy, warm home.