Lost and found

Once there was a boy and one day he found a penguin at his door. The boy opened the door 🚪   and screamed so loud that the penguin ran all the way home were he lived. So the boy went to find it the boy New were it was in the Artic Circle so the boy set of  to find the 🐧 penguin. So I went to get my sandwich and set of to find the penguin 🐧. Finnaly I found the penguin siting on a cliff hanger all sad until the boy went up to him and sail sorry do you want to be friends and the penguin said yes so the boy and the penguin went back to the boys house 🏡             The End 


Tale of two partners

One fine morning, I rose from my bed  and grabbed my cool-looking silver computer and and started playing a really hard coding game, hard but fun. Then I slammed the lid down when I had enough. I carried my computer down to the dining room, ready to have my breakfast. I dropped my computer on the table and accidentally spilled a bit of oranges juice on the screen. “BEEP!”went the computer. “Oops,” I mumbled, and wiped the splodge of juice of the bright shiny screen.

From the computers perspective………

One tiering dull morning, my head got lifted from my neck. I wished I could change my awful clothes. My owner, Millee, started playing with myworst enemy Co-operative Coders. Grrrrr that game really makes my brain itch! Then, she decided that it was OK to just slam my head down onto my neck. Next she carried my down the stairs and finally sat down. She then spilt some icky sticky orange juice on me! I always dreamed of having a bath, but not one like this!

The sad Animal

There I was, standing by the door looking at this animal that looked sad. It was a sunny day and, as a nice kind person, I took the animal and showed it where it wants to go. I left the animal by the swimming pool so it could swim.

Then the animal looked sadder than more, I couldn’t  sleep so I went out to see the animal, but then something else caught my eye. The more it got closer the more I saw WOW, the animal I noticed it was not sad it was just lonely.

Until then, me and the animal were always together


The Boy And The Penguin

The Boys Perspective

One day I was in my bed just relaxing when I heard a Bang on the door first I got my pyjamas on and then I heard it again so I went to the door and it was a penguin. So first I closed the door because I thought I was imagining it but then I opened it again and it was still there and it looked sad so I brought it in and covered it with a towel it felt cold at the same time. After a few moments I had breakfast and the penguin did as well. After breakfast I took him for a walk we went through the woods and near a river and over the hills. It was so fun until I heard the penguin scream so I ran to the room that I thought I heard it come from and he was just sitting on the bed looking at a map and pointing at the south pole

The Penguins Perspective

“I really want to go back to my home where my family is”I said to the boy and then the boy said I know you do so I’ll take you back in about 2 hours so I said “ok” and we were watching TV for about 10 minutes and then the boy said “ok” I am bored let’s just go  so we went on a boat all the way to Antarctica and whenI turned round he was gone so I went round the ice burg andI saw him playing around having fun so I went.

The Tale Of Two Friends!

One day, I went to my front door and saw a little penguin at my doorstep. Well luckily it was Saturday so if I didn’t get the penguin home I would have Sunday as well. I asked my Mum if I could take it home and she actually said yes I didn’t think she would say yes but she did.  My Mum gave me a packed lunch and some fish for the penguin. When we set of it was very warm but I still brought an umbrella just in case it rained. I told it stories and jokes. When we finnaly got there it jumped out and swam away. When I was heading back I saw something floating when I got closer to it I realised it was the penguin he jumped on and I rowed back.

I woke up next to a door of someone’s door I didn’t know how I got there. But I stood there anyway looking very confused. After about 10 minutes a little girl opened the door and saw me standing there. She then went and screamed, “there’s a penguin a the door”. It was so loud some pigeons that were a mile away could here it. Her Mum didn’t come out, but she said she could take me home! I couldn’t wait to get home she told me story’s about animals I liked that. She gave me some fish. Then when we finally got there I jumped out and swam away. It was so fun back at home. When I was floating on my back I saw a really small boat then it got closer and closer and closer. Until I realised it was the little girl. So I hopped in and She took me to her cozy, warm home.

A Tale of two boys view

One day I decided to go for q trip in my little rowing boat. On the way I saw a little penguin who was swimming near the North Pole  after a few seconds he swam over to me. He climbed on to my boat and riggled around a bit. On the way home I talked to a couple of people  but every time I did the penguin just hid under the blanket.  I thought to myself that It would be a bit worrying  for all the other penguins to not see him so I turned around and rowed back to the North Pole. When he woke up I carried him on to the ice and left him there. When I was rowing away I turned to look at him but he looked very sad and even sadder than I have seen  anybody be. The next day I set of to find him,it was a very long journy but when I got there he was no were to be found. I felt really bad now for leaving him there. I turned around to go back home when I moored up the penguin was standing at my door. We both ran into each others arms. From that day on then stayed together for ever.

A Tale of two penguin view.

I was swimming near the North Pole which is were I come from when I saw a boy on his little rowing boat. So I decide to join him as I was lonly. His boat was quite neat and It felt really commfy.On the way to his house he talked to lots of people but the problem was,I was shy and I hid under his blanket. When I had come out we were back at the North Pole,he jumped of with me and then left me there. After a few seconds I became really sad, as sad as I had ever been. The next day I set of to find him,it was a long journey but I finally made it to his house. The way I found his house was that on his boat it had his name on and a time the front of the house I saw it had the same name on. A few minutes later the boy was back, he stopped At the harbour and we both ran into each other’s arms. From that day on we stade together.

The Tale Of Two Friends

I was playing a game of hide and seek with my friends when I hid behind a tree and found a penguin behind it. I told my friends I was just going to the toilet but secretly I was going to figure out what to do with the penguin. I asked quite a few people if they knew who the penguin belonged to I asked the police I even asked a vet in case it had been microchipped. Nobody knew . By the time I got back to the park it was 5:00pm. When I got home I had tea and then it was time for bed. The next morning I started looking on my laptop to find out more about the penguin. I found out that the penguin lived in a snowy releme so from the garden shed we got my dads little dingy. We took it down to the harbour and of we went. We packed everything we needed including two sleeping bags as we were probably going to be spending a few nights on the boat. Finally after a journey over two long nights and days, BINGO! we had reached our destination. Me ant the penguin said our last goodbyes and of I went. The more I sailed , the more I missed my little penguin friend. I missed him so much that I decided to turn round and find my little guy. I went back to the island but to my dismay the penguin wasn’t there. Mournfully

Lost and found

There was a polar bear at my door this morning. He looked lost so I rowed him back to Antarctica so he wouldn’t be lost. But when we got there he looked like he was still lost, then I realised that he wasn’t lost but he was lonely so I took  him back to my house and cuddled up on the sofa with him. Some thing was still wrong but I didn’t know what it was. The penguin still looked lost but I was  happy. I put a blanket over the Penguin and I fell fast asleep. So did I.

A Tale of Two Friends 🐧

The Boy

Today I was opening the door and there was a penguin! I went shopping but it followed me! I went to my room to tidy up and it followed me! So I thought It must be lost! I went to the coffee shop to see if there were any posters for a missing penguin, but there were none there, I went to the dock to ask the local seagulls, but they just ignored me. I asked the sailor of the seas, but even he didn’t know! So I went to bed, unsuccessful and sad with the penguin lying beside me. In the morning though I had more hope, because I had discovered that penguins lived in the south pole. But first I needed to get there. We packed all we needed, food that kind of stuff, I said bye to my parents and then went to the harbour. There was a boat just about to go, I shouted with all my might, but it was no use, my voice could not be heard over the loud noise of the boat. So I had to go back home and get MY boat out, and see if that was in good condition. Luckily, it was and I took that out. Said bye to Mum & Dad and then set of to the south pole. It was a rough journey with waves as big as mountains, but eventually we made it, all in one piece too! I helped the penguin out of the boat,  but he looked really sad, and when I was leaving he looked the saddest I had ever seen him! A couple of minutes later I realised I had made a big mistake, the penguin wasn’t lost it was lonely! I quickly turned around a quickly as lightning & in a couple of minutes I was back but the penguin wasn’t there! I panicked then settled down & started to cry, now I was lonely! But soon I saw a little thing in the distance it was bobbing about like a umbrella with a PENGUIN IN IT! Then I cried again but this time, it was a relieved cry, relieved because I was with my penguin again!!!!! 

The Penguin

I was lost in the far, far oceans I felt lonely, cold and sad. So soon I made up my mind – if I went to England, or some other place I could find a loving and caring child to look after me, but you may be thinking ‘why is this poor old penguin on its own in the deep dark sea, when he should be with his mate on the ice!’ If you are – here is your answer – well in the first place I didn’t even have a mate, I was lonely in the first place, I am on the sea now because I needed someone to look after me – and there you go, my story, pretty boring, anyway I am nearly there! Yay! I am here! “Now, time to find a house! One there, one there, one there and one there, no, nowhere, oh we – Ohh, That One!” and with a hop, skip and jump, of the penguin went , RING RING, RING RING, RING RING, and moments later a boy opened the door, “Umm, Hi There!” “come in,” it was very clean, I LOVED IT! I followed the boy up to some kind of room, I think.

The penguin and the boy

Once  upon a time there lived a boy called Bob.One day he saw a penguin knocking his door Bob looked at the penguin and the penguin looked sad so Bob took him to the South Pole by boat but the penguin looked more  sad. Bob realised that the penguin wanted a friend Bob went back but he said where is the penguin?and he saw the penguin In front of him.Bob saw that he was in a unbrella and Bob went in there with him and they became best friends for ever and ever and ever until they got old.One day there lived a penguin the penguin was sad because he had no friends he knocked on someone’s door and the boy said


The Penguin and the boys best advnture

One day there was who woke up and heared some nocking at the door I went down and there was a penguin at my doorstep. And then when I went back into my home and all he done was just followed me I thourght to myself and said to the little penguin what are you doing at my door step. The penguin didn’t answer back but what the little boy new he was looking for a friend and he had come to the perfect place to find a friend. We went on so many adventures together we went to the park, we  went bowing and we went to the sea side. And we had the best of days together


The tale of the two friends

One morning I was watching the television in my cosy house when there was a knock on the door “I wonder who that is I” said to myself. I got to the door and to my shock there was a penguin standing standing there he looked sad so I invited him in. He seemed to like my house so I let him stay for the night. The next morning I realised that he was sad because he missed his home .We went to the harbour to see if a boat would take us to the South Pole but they couldn’t hear us over the loud sound of the boats horn so went and got the paddle boat out of the cupboard. We rowed on and on and on then we finally we reached the South Pole so I helped the penguin out of the boat. But when I was sailing back I felt lonely and sad I kept looking back at the penguin but he was more sad then when he first appeared at my door and the more I looked back the more I thought . Then I realised he was not sad about no time being at home he was lonely so I went back but he was not there I searched and searched but he was not there . I just decided to go home but on my way I saw something in the water as I got closer I could just make out a penguin it was my friend so we went home and lived happily.One day I got bored so I swam across the ocean when I reached the other side there was a house so I pressed the doorbell . When they opened the door there was a boy he looked confused but he said I could come in I liked his house so he let me stay for the night.In the morning he took me out of the house and tried to put me on a big boat luckily they couldn’t hear him so we went home for some reason he went in the cupboard and pulled out a paddle boat we went to the sea and we started to paddle we paddled all the way back to where I used to live he helped me up and then sailed away . I was sad so I paddled after him but he was gone . suddenly I felt someone tugging me it was the boy and we went home we lived happily ever after.

The Tale Of The Penguin and the boy

One day I went to a house a nice looking house and a boy answered. He went out the house for a walk so I followed him  (sadly). He walked left and right and left and right but he didn’t say enething . Then we walked to lost and found and he said ” has enewone lost a penguin?” he said no so  he went home and got out a boat and he said  lets go to the north pole so we saild there and he left me there with an umbrela so i  paddled to  him and we found each other and he called me larry and we lived happily ever after.

A Boy And A Penguin

The Boy

Once a penguin was walking through a forest in Iceland, when he saw a boy! The boy decided to pick it up and take it home. At home he named it Penguiny (pen-gu-ee-nee). He dressed him up in flip-flops, sunglasses and a shirt, fed him fish (and chips) and they even played with his toys. The boy loved it but the penguin hated it.

The Penguin

Once a boy was walking through a forest when he saw a penguin. The penguin ran towards the boy started pecking, and took the boy to his home. In his home he asked the boy his name. He fed him raw fish (regurgitated by the penguin), he dressed him in snow and he let him play with his plastic fish collection. The boy hated it but the penguin loved it.



Making A New Friend

On a hot day in New York a little boy was walking back from school. The little boy saw a penguin at his house  and thought that he was lonely.So he picked him up.

The little boy was so kind to the penguin. He did lots for him. But the penguin didn’t like it!

The boy gave him lots of ice, made him a home and showed the penguin to all of his friends.


On  hot day I need New York a penguin was minding his own business outside a front door. But suddenly he was picked up by this boy. The boy thought he was lonely.

The penguin was showed to all of the boys friend showed and was made a really weird  home. The penguin didn’t like it! But the opened his window and the penguin escaped.

That night the boy couldn’t sleep. But the penguin got lonely so he waddled back to the boy and they were friends forever!

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Tale of two friends

In the past week I have been so lonely. The other penguins have gone diving and I can not dive so I am left in the South Pole. I got so bored that I discussed (with my self) if I should set of on an adventure across the Atlantic Ocean or stay here in the cold and lonely. I added up my points, and thought I would go on an adventure. So I setted of on an ice cube and travled and travled………Hungry,thirsty,sea sick,I arrived at a little boys house .He looked confused still,he took me into his house. He fed me fish and he let me swallow the cleanest water in the world! But a week later he trapped me in a boat and took me back to the place I started. Yes , that’s right the South Pole. I was so confused. He dropped me off and off he went. I felt lonely and cold again. I decided to follow him. Then things were great !

Boys point of view 

I was sitting on the sofa (because I was so bored ). Then I heard a knock at the door I went to open it and to my astonishment it was a penguin!I could not beilive my eyes I was confused still , I let him in.I fed him my left over fish and let him drink the water out of the bathroom tap because mum and dad could never know about this .



As I walked to the door and saw a penguin I wanted to keep it. But I didn’t know we’re it came from. Even though I wanted to keep him I didn’t so I took him to the lost office. I couldn’t sleep because I was so worried I really wanted to help him. I the discovered that penguins come from the South Pole then I thought how  would get there. Together  me and the penguin set off in a tint boat to the South Pole.


As walked to a weird door there was this boy that answered. He started taking me places that I didn’t care about. I was so annoyed I was like leave me alone then it was the night I tried to escape but it failed he didn’t stop talking. The next day we set off to this random place but we didn’t get to are destination.

A Tale of a Boy and a Penguin ? ?

The Penguin

One day I felt lonely, so I went to knock on a door A boy answered. He was about 7 years old and he. Was wearing stripy clothes. He seemed nice. Next he took me to the North Pole, it was a long journey. I was sad because he didn’t understand me, I wanted a friend but he thought I was lost. Our boat took us there. But then I went back to him And we lived happily ever after.

The Boy

One day a Penguin knocked on my door I decided it was lost, so I got a boat and went to the North Pole. It was a long voyage at least I bought some water and food with us. When we got there I put the penguin on an iceberg but the penguin came back and after that we were the best friends ever. We lived happily ever after.

Tale Of Two Strangers.

                                                              From girl point of view                                                                                                                                                            I was walking in the park and I saw a little beast he looked cold so I gave him my coat  and took him home I felt worried about him. Today I was giving him a bath and took him for a walk and showed him my class but when it was hot in the room I opened the window and when I went to make him some tea he ran away I wonder where, so I told my mom. He came back yay!!!!!!!!  

                                                             From beast point of view

                 I was hanging from my favourite branch and a horrible beast came up and took me home she gave me a beastly bath with some foamy stuff she took me for tirerying walk. She showed me to her other beast friends they kept on tickling me and throwing me and when she opened the window I escaped back to the park but it was so quiet and cold so I came back.