A Tale of two boys view

One day I decided to go for q trip in my little rowing boat. On the way I saw a little penguin who was swimming near the North Pole  after a few seconds he swam over to me. He climbed on to my boat and riggled around a bit. On the way home I talked to a couple of people  but every time I did the penguin just hid under the blanket.  I thought to myself that It would be a bit worrying  for all the other penguins to not see him so I turned around and rowed back to the North Pole. When he woke up I carried him on to the ice and left him there. When I was rowing away I turned to look at him but he looked very sad and even sadder than I have seen  anybody be. The next day I set of to find him,it was a very long journy but when I got there he was no were to be found. I felt really bad now for leaving him there. I turned around to go back home when I moored up the penguin was standing at my door. We both ran into each others arms. From that day on then stayed together for ever.

A Tale of two penguin view.

I was swimming near the North Pole which is were I come from when I saw a boy on his little rowing boat. So I decide to join him as I was lonly. His boat was quite neat and It felt really commfy.On the way to his house he talked to lots of people but the problem was,I was shy and I hid under his blanket. When I had come out we were back at the North Pole,he jumped of with me and then left me there. After a few seconds I became really sad, as sad as I had ever been. The next day I set of to find him,it was a long journey but I finally made it to his house. The way I found his house was that on his boat it had his name on and a time the front of the house I saw it had the same name on. A few minutes later the boy was back, he stopped At the harbour and we both ran into each other’s arms. From that day on we stade together.

The Tale Of Two Friends

I was playing a game of hide and seek with my friends when I hid behind a tree and found a penguin behind it. I told my friends I was just going to the toilet but secretly I was going to figure out what to do with the penguin. I asked quite a few people if they knew who the penguin belonged to I asked the police I even asked a vet in case it had been microchipped. Nobody knew . By the time I got back to the park it was 5:00pm. When I got home I had tea and then it was time for bed. The next morning I started looking on my laptop to find out more about the penguin. I found out that the penguin lived in a snowy releme so from the garden shed we got my dads little dingy. We took it down to the harbour and of we went. We packed everything we needed including two sleeping bags as we were probably going to be spending a few nights on the boat. Finally after a journey over two long nights and days, BINGO! we had reached our destination. Me ant the penguin said our last goodbyes and of I went. The more I sailed , the more I missed my little penguin friend. I missed him so much that I decided to turn round and find my little guy. I went back to the island but to my dismay the penguin wasn’t there. Mournfully

Lost and found

There was a polar bear at my door this morning. He looked lost so I rowed him back to Antarctica so he wouldn’t be lost. But when we got there he looked like he was still lost, then I realised that he wasn’t lost but he was lonely so I took  him back to my house and cuddled up on the sofa with him. Some thing was still wrong but I didn’t know what it was. The penguin still looked lost but I was  happy. I put a blanket over the Penguin and I fell fast asleep. So did I.

A Tale of Two Friends 🐧

The Boy

Today I was opening the door and there was a penguin! I went shopping but it followed me! I went to my room to tidy up and it followed me! So I thought It must be lost! I went to the coffee shop to see if there were any posters for a missing penguin, but there were none there, I went to the dock to ask the local seagulls, but they just ignored me. I asked the sailor of the seas, but even he didn’t know! So I went to bed, unsuccessful and sad with the penguin lying beside me. In the morning though I had more hope, because I had discovered that penguins lived in the south pole. But first I needed to get there. We packed all we needed, food that kind of stuff, I said bye to my parents and then went to the harbour. There was a boat just about to go, I shouted with all my might, but it was no use, my voice could not be heard over the loud noise of the boat. So I had to go back home and get MY boat out, and see if that was in good condition. Luckily, it was and I took that out. Said bye to Mum & Dad and then set of to the south pole. It was a rough journey with waves as big as mountains, but eventually we made it, all in one piece too! I helped the penguin out of the boat,  but he looked really sad, and when I was leaving he looked the saddest I had ever seen him! A couple of minutes later I realised I had made a big mistake, the penguin wasn’t lost it was lonely! I quickly turned around a quickly as lightning & in a couple of minutes I was back but the penguin wasn’t there! I panicked then settled down & started to cry, now I was lonely! But soon I saw a little thing in the distance it was bobbing about like a umbrella with a PENGUIN IN IT! Then I cried again but this time, it was a relieved cry, relieved because I was with my penguin again!!!!! 

The Penguin

I was lost in the far, far oceans I felt lonely, cold and sad. So soon I made up my mind – if I went to England, or some other place I could find a loving and caring child to look after me, but you may be thinking ‘why is this poor old penguin on its own in the deep dark sea, when he should be with his mate on the ice!’ If you are – here is your answer – well in the first place I didn’t even have a mate, I was lonely in the first place, I am on the sea now because I needed someone to look after me – and there you go, my story, pretty boring, anyway I am nearly there! Yay! I am here! “Now, time to find a house! One there, one there, one there and one there, no, nowhere, oh we – Ohh, That One!” and with a hop, skip and jump, of the penguin went , RING RING, RING RING, RING RING, and moments later a boy opened the door, “Umm, Hi There!” “come in,” it was very clean, I LOVED IT! I followed the boy up to some kind of room, I think.