My Christmas Presents (True Story).

In Poland we celebrate christmas on the 6th and 24th december and these were my presents. 1st present was sweets the 2nd was a make up bag the 3rd cinema tickets. 4th rollerskates 5th twister 6th spitting lama 7th painting real crystals 8th PJS 9th heart shaped tin with tons of bathboms and shower stuff and the last one is Gel-apeel and then we had a feast it was very good but I ate a little bit. VERY GOOD FUN!!!!!!!!

Chocolate Boy (Part Two)

“Right we’re going up to bed,” yawned Jack’s mum. “Me too,” replied his dad. As quick as he could, Jack quietly ran up stairs.

In the morning, Jack’s mum told him that they were going to the park for a picnic. Jack said,”Yay we’re going to the park, lets bring chocolate!”

“OK” sighed Jack’s mum,”We’ll bring chocolate for our picnic.” As his parents were driving to the National Trust park they overheard Jack talking to himself,” I want chocolate, I want chocolate, I want chocolate.”

Finally they were there. They had gone to a very big park. So they walked to a spot in between to trees.”This is the perfect spot,”exclaimed Jack’s dad. “AAHH,” screamed Jack as he saw something. It was a tall, dark phantom. He had a hood covering his face. He was muttering a curse!

To be continued in part three.