To Andrew

To Andrew

How long have you been a Health worker?

How is it like living in Sierra Leone?

Is it hard work working as a health worker?

What is your biggest pet peve?

Do you enjoy your job?

How hard is your job?

How old are you?

Are there disappointing times?

Is it a struggle to tell bad news that the baby could recover from the accident?

Don’t forget you are helping other pepole but also your helping uself with your
Braver and patieante to wait for other people being injured.


#DrawingBreath Questions to Andrew


Questions to Andrew

Dear Andrew

What is it like to be in training at drawing breath?
What happens when the you can’t understand what the person is saying?
How long have you been working for drawing breath?
Is it scary sometimes?
How do you get from place to place?
Is it stressful at times?
Do you have any other jobs besides That?
Do you like helping people?

#Drawing Breath Dear Andrew

#Drawing Breath


Dear Andrew

Is it nice to work in a hospital?
Where is your favorite place to go when you drop somebody off or pick them up?
Is it exciting to work in a hospital?
What hospital do you work in?
Do you work in night or day?
What is your favorite part of working in a hospital?
Where do come from?
What country do you live in?
Where do you live?
Do you have a wife?
Do you have children?
do you live in a nice house?
What are you kids names?
Do you like your job?
What’s your whole name?

#Drawing Breath Letter for Andrew


Do you find it hard to heal sick people with one light? I imagine it probably would be !

How long have you been a doctor for ?

Do you do everything else then being a doctor or are you a doctor 24/7 ?

Do you find being a doctor is a hard Job or is it easy I’d imagine it’s hard

Do you get scared when you are doing a hard

opporation or are you used to it







Dear Andrew

How many people have you helped and saved baby’s?

Do you have a wife and eneny kids?

Do you love your job and love saving people?

where do you live in Sierra Leone and what language do you speak?

How much mouny do you get in a day or hour or full 24 hours?

What dose you house look like and what street do you live in?

Whats you full name and do you have eneny pet like a dog, lizard,cat,fish and snake?

Is your house made of stick and twigs?

My name is Wyatt.

#drawingbreath To Andrew

Dear Andrew

I watched your video it was pretty good. Do you get some time off to see your family on special occasions? Would you feel scared if you were trying to save lives? Would you feel proud If you save someone’s life? Would they thank you? I imagine that it would be very hard to do what you do for a job. How long have you been doing this for? What is your favourite part of work? Is it a long journey from your house to work if you go there? How much money do you earn?

From Olivia

Dear Andrew

Dear Andrew

If I was you I would be worried every time I went to mysterious playses. Like if you walk in and the lady was screaming and crying as loud as a helicopter and you had to settle her down.That must be a hard job also if you forgot their address so you would had to quess where she lived!Itmust be hard with not a lot of aquitment. How many people work with you. Is Sierra Leone a nice plase or is it old and Brocken. I hope its hose like were I would go on holiday.

#DrawingBreath Question

Dear Andrew

Is your job hard and if it is why do you do it? And how many people do you help in a few days? I imagine I would get very very tired to do that job ,because I would get no sleep or rest. How long have you been a doctor in your life. Do you have any other jobs and what are they if you have any other jobs.




Dear Andrew

I am inspired by you because you volunteer to do,what I think, the hardest job ever. How does it feel when someone is in need of your help and it’s up to you to save them?I imagine that there is an awful amount of pressure put on you. Is there anybody else that works with you? Do you enjoy your job? Are you tied at the end of the day? Is sixteen pounds for training cheap or expensive? Do you have a payed job? I would think so because how would you pay for your training.


#Drawing Breath Asking Questions

Hi I am Jamie and I have some stuff to ask you. How do you feel when it comes to saving people? I think scary sad a bit and frightening! Do you like your job? Do you have anyone who works (or helps) with you or just you? I don’t think so. Are you English? Where do you live? Do you like sports? I like pretty much every one (football is my favrite). How long is it until you see your family like once a month or once a week? Are you good at running?

Thank you for reading this


Dear Andrew

What’s it like living so far away from your family? Do your family live in the same country?
What’s it like at your job is it fun or scary because it is up to you to save someones life?
If I was you I would hate it because you barely have any light or good equipment. How much
do you like your job and do you work with anyone? Are you sad that you don’t get to see your

I hope you get on well with your work and I hope you have a good time



Dear Andrew

I wonder what it is like where you live? Is it dangerous putting people’s lives in YOUR hands? Do you like doing your job? There is a BUNCH of questions I could ask but theses are the main three. Like is it weird delivering babies? Do you have any other jobs? Do you need math, English or history to do your job and if you do why? Please answer my questions because it is important to me that I know the answer. Keep up the good good good work,

from Grace,

ps:well done on your work so far



Dear Andrew

Do you like your job? Are you getting payed to do your do your job? Is your job fun?Why did you want to do the job? Do you like getting up at the middle of the night? I cant image getting up at the middle of the night I would not be happy. I would be as grumpy as a grumpy teacher. How fun is it doing your job? Does your family have jobs like you? How long have you been doing that job? How much out of 100 do you like your job?

From Mia


Dear Andrew .


what is it like working with no lights and no gadgets, I am sure it would be very hard for you ? I bet you have lots to do with people’s lives all up to you to save and fix, I hope you know that you are a very good person.


are you living far away from your family?  are you happy with your life and job?

I am sorry for wasting your priceless time if you are reading this.

you should be very proud of yourself

good luck in the future

sincerely yours




Dear Andrew,

Do you like your job?Do you get paid?Do you like helping people? I can’t imagine getting up in the middle of the night without being grumpy.I would just refuse and go back to bed.You must be very passionate about your job. I love the fact that there is a man out there who doesn’t mind getting up and helping somebody else whatever the time.What does  your family think of you out in the middle of the night?Do your family like you being out?My mum wouldn’t for sure.Keep up saving people’s lives

From Amelie