#drawing breath to Andrew

To Andrew

it  wached your vidio it must be so hard to help so many peoples babys how  are you so good at it ? So Why  did you volunteer to help people for so little money? it must be horrible to see so many people in pain but it must be brilliant to now that you save lives? have you seen baby’s being born so how do you do it ?



#drawingbreath To Andrew

Dear Andrew

I watched your video it was pretty good. Do you get some time off to see your family on special occasions? Would you feel scared if you were trying to save lives? Would you feel proud If you save someone’s life? Would they thank you? I imagine that it would be very hard to do what you do for a job. How long have you been doing this for? What is your favourite part of work? Is it a long journey from your house to work if you go there? How much money do you earn?

From Olivia

Dear Andrew

Dear Andrew

If I was you I would be worried every time I went to mysterious playses. Like if you walk in and the lady was screaming and crying as loud as a helicopter and you had to settle her down.That must be a hard job also if you forgot their address so you would had to quess where she lived!Itmust be hard with not a lot of aquitment. How many people work with you. Is Sierra Leone a nice plase or is it old and Brocken. I hope its hose like were I would go on holiday.