Dear Yellow Crayon

Dear Yellow Crayon,

I knew this letter was coming but still a little bit puzzled at why you and Orange Crayon has fallen out.I still read your letter though.I must admit I did not agree with a few of your points.

Why have you and Orange Crayon fallen out?Why don’t you be friends again?Maybe you could share the sun?I will write a letter to Orange Crayon saying that you should both be friends and you can share the colour of the sun

Why are you getting so mad for just the colour of the sun surly you can make up?How about you go and see Orange Crayon and tell him you are sorry and he can be the colour of the sun.

At lunchtime,I will look up to the sun to see if it is yellow or orange and I will ask everyone I know and I will let you be the corn in my farmer’s colouring book.

In summery,I think  you and Orange should both be the colour of the sun and you should make friends but I will happily let you be the corn.

Your best owner and friend,


Dear Orange and Yellow crayon

Dear Orange crayon I don’t see why you and Yellow crayon are argewing because you are the real colour of the sun In the hotter con trees like In Spain and Grees and Mdira .But In every way you are boath the colour of the sun your friend Duncan .

Dear Yellow crayon you are the colour of the sun in slightly colder contrees.But from now on you are boath  the colour of the sun so it will look a bit more inspiring so it will be an orangey and Yellow

Dear boath crayons you are boath the colour of the sun.But how I would sort this out is in one half of the week one of you can be the colour of the sun and on the other half of the week the other one of you can be the sun.Your friend Duncan.









Dear crayons

Dear Orange crayon and Yellow crayon,

I’m shocked because both of you have fallen out over a tiny thing. I agree with both of you because the sun can be any colour.

Haven’t seen the sun at sunrise. Its orange but the sun is yellow. I  can use what ever colour I want.

who cares what colour the sun is. I can use black but black isn’t the true coulur of the sun. But I’m going to use both of you.

Other people use black for the sun. If I want to use yellow I will use yellow but if I want to use orange I will use orange.

At sun rise the sun is orange. Who cares what coulur the sun is I don’t.

Your friend


All about both crayon’s

Dear orange and yellow crayon

I have read both of your letter’s and quite honestly am a little annoyed by you both. You could be friends again and buy each other a present to say I am so sorry.

I feel I have used both of you equally and that therefore do not see why you have fallen out. I know you two are not friends but you can make friends can’t you? You have got each other and should value that more.

Sometimes the sun is orange and sometimes yellow in the future you will both be used in my pictures equally.

From Amelia B

My letter to yellow crayon

Dear Yellow Crayon,

I’m very confused about your “falling out” with Orange Crayon, I’ve been thinking about it and I agree with some of you letter but the bad thing about it that.

I can’t believe that you’ve fallan out with your best friend with such a small thing just saying. Come on it’s only a little sun in my amazing colouring book, or my zoo book.

I agree with some of your arguments but not all. Who would like a yellow sun in a middle of a completely orange background and it’s in a middle of a sun set. I’ve got an idea what taking it in turns, ok on Wednesday and The Weekend will go to you and Monday, Tuesday, Thursday will go to Orange Crayon is it fair now. Well you think off it that’s my ideas do you have envy more

In summary, I agree with both off you but how about you have a little break for a while. How about a I’ll try a make you do a coule more thing that you want colour with or wait for the same thing until Orange Crayon hates it it’s your choice make your mine up